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Friday, July 27, 2012

Still Standing Here..Smiling

It Hurts!!!

It hurts so much that I just cannot stop smiling..It was a horrible feeling,but at the same time,it was a blessing..
A Blessing???

A blessing..It helps to keep me strong..It helps me to bypass the hurdles that are ahead of me..

Still Standing Here..Smiling..

Even though it hurts..It healed most of the part where my heart was damaged..So it's okay..I'll bear for it..

For now

Twitter crash?It's okay,still hv blog //ming

A very goooooodddd evening to all~~

How long has it been eh? This blog has been left untouched since then ehehehhe.. Sorry, but no new stories that wanted to be told :)

I wanted to wish you all HAPPY FASTING IN RAMADHAN!It is a little bit late as we already reached the fifth day of fasting,but hey,at least i wished :3 That's all matters right?


I don't know why, but it seems that I cannot log in my twitter..LOG IN??I can't even open the website mannn!!!So instead of updating my status in FB,I think it is better for me to update my blog..Since I 'LLLOOOOVVVEEEEE' writing..and talking nonsense..

Supposed to be!!

I supposed to write something in my journal(that was given by Mdm Tan) but hey,procrastination awaits!


Jiji was planning to create a blog..With 4 different authors and me myself as one of them..It surely took my interest in it..But it is still in planning..I don't wanna expect much from it..But if it really happens,no harm done right? ;D


I am so sorry for ignoring you dear ;( I don't want to disturb you because you seems like you are too busy..I am so sorry again dear D;

In a Nutshell?!


p/s : Aiman Azlan is going to come to maktab this Sunday!Yeay!!