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Monday, January 30, 2012


Ya Allah..
I'm so sorry u guys 4 not updating my blog..
Just that I don't really have the time to do so..
I really wanna update it though..
And I have a lot of stories to tell ya..
But time is trying to kill me right now..
I'm so sorry..
If I have the time to update,then i'll do my best for my readers :)
Thank you to my new followers :D
 So sorry because cant really see ur blogs..
Don't worry..
I'll do so :)
Have a good night sleep :D

A pic of me n Aizat having our dinner..At last!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I cnt..
I cnt do it..
I'm killing myself with this stupid thing..
I lose my smile because of it..
I even lost my respect towards u..
I wan to end this..
So that my nut wont loose..
And my day will be much more brighter..
Not to mention this time a big wave will come..
Even though it's just a drill..
But it really means a lot to me..
I cnt remember anything..
What I love..
What I like..
And what I hate..
All of this is starting to rot inside me..
This hatred..
Even Lil Franky will die because of it..
Not to mention about his sanity of course..
He is insane..
But things like this..
He cnt even handle a bit..
I hate it..
I'm a living dead nw..
Never thought of anything that is more worse than this..
Levelling up?
It's already my limit..
I quit..

This is not a poem

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beginning Of Sem 2 PP


It's been a while since I updated this blog..


Too many websites were there for me to waste my energy in to..

Sem 2 is already starting..

And all of us r busy like traffic jam..

Only little steps were taken to move forward because of that tight timetable..

Not to mention the drama that all of us need to do..

Dun let me start please lllorz

And I was like..

"What?We have work?Really?"

Those works..

I..Cant stand it..

It's like we're slaughtering ourselves here using a blunt knife..

Not to mention that it is painful..

But it also promises slow death too..

Being given with this sort of things..

I dun think I can manage my brain nerves to start snapping..

Even me myself have my own limit in doing something that is extremely superb..

But at least I'm not the KK for this sem..

That is my favourite news for this sem..

But its a pity because we have to change our Tutor because of some technical difficulties..

Who cares..

People come and go..

So u just have to be prepared with this sort of things..

And sometimes I was too despised with this thing till I became too lazy n just wanna forget those things for a while..

And have a good nap..

Plus,I'm starting to hate my surroundings..

Things are getting much more tougher(not to include maktab)

And my heart wont stop thinking bout something..

But I dun care..

Life still must go on..

I dun really think u guys are going to read this post in detail :3

Maybe the only thing that u r reading is the opening..

And this :3


Welcome new year..

And hello problems..

It feels like my insane mode is turned on (⊙▂⊙✖ )