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Friday, April 29, 2011

Empty,Half Or Full?

Peace Be Upon You Guys =D

Hello there >w<)// Nice to see ya again =D How's your day today?Happy?Good..Sad?Chill =) There's always something for you today =D


Important or not?

Of course it is important...Seriously,when it comes to emotions,DON'T try to play with it...You'll get some "SURPRISE" waiting for you and trust me,it wont be THAT beautiful..Ha3 OwO

Some said that EMOTION is a nuisance..You will suffer if you have them..

Really?Is it that dangerous to have EMOTIONS?I don't really think so =)

Emotions..Empty,Half Or Full?

When its about yourself,its you who knows better right =) Then,which side are you on? ^w^


You don't have any emotions..


You don't get mad or disappointed at anything?

You must be a puppet =D Hey,I admire you though..You don't feel anything..(PFFT)

Tell me..

When you were born..When you see your mother's and father's face when you still a child..What do you feel?A wonderful thing to be felt right =D


Why you must kill those emotions?Why can't you just keep it?You want to know what?Those things cannot be replaced..For time cannot be turned back..Once you felt it,keep it..Make it as a memory..Then why you must remove it from your life?Thank God you have the feelings + memories..If you don't,then how can your life be more beautiful??

Change yourself..Smile always..


Full of emotions?Wow =D Surely you are a hyperactive person when it comes to emotions..Easily become mad or sad?Ha3 I'm sure of it..

But..You can easily be hurt by someone..Don't be TOO happy,because you just might become MORE sad than ever..

Control yourself..

Don't easily fall in love(<-----This is the crucial part)..Choose properly the person that you want to fall in love to..Because if you don't choose it properly,than something BAD might happen to you..

Don't easily let yourself be controlled with your sadness and even anger because worse things will come after that..

Example?When you are too sad or too mad,then you can't really maintain your rational side right?You will do stupid things like making a suicide or killing other people(OUCH!)


Hey,this is better..You are not too EMPTY and not too FULL of emotions...You can easily maintain and control your emotions according to the situation and become easily adapted to it..

I don't know what else to say about this one >//w//<)~

In ISLAM,it is said that you must be moderate in something,not too high and not too low either..

Its simple,its better if you become moderate..Because bad things will come if you become too FULL and even too EMPTY..

For an example,when you get high marks in the exams,you are just too happy..Surely you will brag about it right?And you maybe even pick on your friends that get lower marks than yours..Is it really a good thing?

Second,if you get too low with yourself..You really are lacking some(well,not really some,but many) confidence,you surely will become too timid and easily being pick by your friends..

Then,isn't its better if you become moderate in something right..?

Choose the best for yourself  :3

p/s:Have a nice day guys ( OwO)//

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

*[]*)99 Yoshhh!!!Mission:Interview Status:Complete!

Mission : The Interview

Status Update : Completed

Hey =D Nice to meet you guys again..How are you ^w^)// Feeling well?If not,please go to the clinic for a medical checkup =) You don't want to become more sick right?

Alright,back to the main point..

I just got back from the English interview in Kampus Bahasa Antrabangsa and Alhamdulillah,I manage to calm myself(<--yeah right =w=;;)

Ha3 the day before is truly a scary one =w= i can't even think properly..Urr and for the first time,I watched the news until finished(i dun usually watch it =w=)

(No More Boring Part,I'm Starting To Get Bored =w=llll sorry)

Alright,skip to the main story..

I arrived at the campus near 7.30..And there's already people waiting there..I don't wanna eat anything because I'm losing my appetite(DUH)..

Kinda surprised though because the students that were waiting there ALMOST all from Perak..(<---nothing interesting)

After the interviewers called us,we all went inside with BUTTERFLIES IN OUR STOMACH..But luckily,I didn't vomit because of feeling too nervous..

I got group A so my group will take the FIRST room that is the farthest of all rooms and near to the toilet(<--IF anything could go wrong)

Then suddenly the interviewers called us in..

We were given an INSAK test to show if we are really suitable for being a teacher..135 questions for 30 minutes...All of us manage to finish it in time..Alhamdulillah

The group discussion is next..We all gather in a circle and were given a topic..

"Who is you favorite teacher and why"

Hey,kinda easy right?

Ha3 from that group interview,all of us were like doing an ICE BREAKING session..Eventhough we don't know each other(YET) but we did it like we all have know each other for a long time..No awkward moment there hehe..

Some take english teacher,chemistry,mathematic and even ICT..


The interviewers asked..

"Why don't you all take any PE(pendidikan jasmani) teacher as favorite teacher?You don't like them?"

Okay,this is a tough one..

Thanks to one of my friends,she answered it by telling them : 

"Yes,we like all the teachers,but we were asked the MOST favorite ones,so,we tell you about th favorite ones"

All of us like,


If not,surely we will be quiet until the end of the session =w=;;

The last but not least,the INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEW session..

Ha3 you can see our faces turns pale..But in the mean time,we get to know each other =D We share some stories and everything..

Hehe I just LOOVVVEEEE them..

Hehe glad I am number 2..The first person kinda give some tips...But..Hopeless =w= I just figured we all were given different questions in there..

My turn was up..I got in..Sit in front of them..

"Please tell about yourself.."

I told them all about myself..They know I always got transferred..So they asked..

"Which place do you like the most?"

I really love Penang so much because its my birthplace..There are so many 'first times' there..I first rode my bicycle,hang out with friends,and many more..

"Do you willing to teach pendalaman?"


"How would you do it?"

I can use my drawings to describe something..For example a boy,a girl,ball and many more..

"What else do you apply beside being a teacher?"

I also applied multimedia courses..

"If you got the multimedia,which one will you choose?"

I will choose being a teacher..

"Do you love teaching and why?"

Ah,yeah!!I love teaching others..My teachers and my mom's family is a teacher so they motivated me in these things..(ayat goreng)

"I see that you are not active in co-curricular activities..Do you even active in them?"

Yes,in silat gayung and softball..

"Give me the number of the players in the field"


"Tell me all of them"

Catcher,pitcher,first base,second base,third base,right,left and middle field..

"The one that plays close?"

Ah,the short stopper!

"There are only 9,why you said its 10?"


"Do you think that sports can discipline others?Why?"

Yes,because they need to be discipline to play the game..You can't wear tracks when you are playing football..In Islam,you have to cover your aurat,so you can wear tights inside..In softball,you must be discipline..The pitcher must read all the signals that were given by the catcher..You cant easily throw the ball anyway you want to..

After that,they ask me if I got any questions to ask them..

I asked..

"When can we see the results?"

Before matrikulasi and other U calls you..In May..

"You are teachers,right?I mean the school teachers?"

Yes we are..

" you manage to control your anger when kids are making noises at the back?"

Easy,plan your lessons to make it more interesting..

Alright..That's all..I forgotten some of the questions and cuts the answer so that you will understand it..Alhamdulillah they don't asked me anything about the menteri..If not..Urrr...

=D I like it because I felt that I did my best =) So now,gonna pray hard so that I will get this chance in becoming a teacher..Yeah!!AMIN!

p/s:Have a nice day =D

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Interview,Playing With Words

Peace Be To You All =D

The Interview..

Hurrr..The interview is already around the corner..And..I'm seriously shivering.. Q[]Q So many things needed to be done,remembered and etc..I..I..I' going crazy llllOTL

I don't even know what to say anymore..I just hope I'll pass the interview so that I can become a teacher..Hey,no harm done right =)

Hehehe playing with words?

Don't understand the title?Hehe to me playing with words is that you are making situations when writing(<--not a bad one of course)..

Recently(<-- actually yesterday hehe),I played this with my fellow friends in Fb..Kinda lovely 8DD All kind of scenes you can do my just typing such as throwing a grenade,running and much more..You want a example?Wait..

Akku-san:Hold Your Ground
Shuu~san:Check Weapons And Armor
Me:All Complete Sir! *[]*)77

And the things just get continued with each others creativity to create the scene(Sorry 4 da TOO simple example =w=lll)..Must try it =) Kinda great if you can test your creativity through typing words =DD

That's all fellows =D

p/s:Have a nice day =D


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Killing My Time..Smile (|-~>w<)~

Urr..I'm letting myself to be more and more busier than usual..I'm exhausted..

Why I post this thing?

I dunno =w=lll I just felt wanna share something..(<----actually distracting myself from doing those works) Hehe..

Ok2..I want to talk something about "SMILE"

Some of us are just TOO serious to smile..But,seriously?Even they are human,so why can't we just share our smile together =) The world will be much more beautiful if SMILEs are EVERYWHERE!

Hey,you don't agree?Why?Isn't it a great thing we smile to each other rather than show our "SERIOUS" and "MOODY" face that will really make others wanna SLAP your face =w= Am I right?Yeah,I hit the bull's eye right =w=;;

Ha3 okay3 =D Seriously,some of us really need to smile..Don't show that unfriendly face to others..They'll surely run away from you..Also,is it hard to carve a smile on your face?You don't really need much energy to do it..So,why hide it?

Yeah,some of us will think like this

"WTH is that person smiling to me?Wanna flirt??"

Urr,its ok to think like this..But..If the one that say that is a boy?And the one that is smiling is a uncle???U WANNA HIM TO FLIRT AH??Aii..You can just easily smile back at him..If you want to make additional marks,you can even GREET him like "Hello uncle" or "Have a nice day pakcik"..

See..Its not hard for you to be friendly..But..Don't be TOO friendly with strangers..You might HIT SOMETHING UNUSUAL (=w=llll) Trust me..I'm one of them..

p/s:Have a nice day guys =D Have you all smiled today?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Go,Or Not To Go..

Just recently,I gave a visit to my second bro and his U..Yeah,I go,got problem?Hey,evethough I'm a hermit,it doesn't mean that i just stick my butt in my room =w=lll Hehe..

Ok2,back to the real story..

We arrived there nearly 3 o'clock coz stopped at Nasik Kandar Restaurant  (<---I spelled  right? ( 'w' )?) at Bidor..Uhh I have no comment about the restaurant..I'm crazy about nasi kandar,AND IF I'M IN PENANG OR AT BALING,KEDAH,I'LL GO NUTS WITH DA NASIK KANDAR..But,at that restaurant,urr..The food..Urr is kureng..Hehehe :3 Komen jer pandai kau ni..Hehe we even bought some food for my bro..Some fish head curry(kari kepala ikan xD) and some chicky xDDD

We arrived there almost 4..And,we still don't perform our Zuhur prayer..Alhamdulillah at the U got a mosque(daa..) and as always,I'm really relaxed when I set my foot there..Yeah..I just love to see it..After I finished performing my Zuhur prayer,we immediately go and fetch my bro..But..He's already at the pond(that is near the mosque =w=)

After a little chatting,my father suddenly wanted a DSLR camera..And he nearly wanted to bought it after the visit..Yeah,you see it right,AFTER THE VISIT!Ha3 he always like that..Ok2..

After a while,a normal conservation turned into a ghost story.. =w=lll I still don't get it..How it became a ghost story..My bro told us about this roommate that were "tindih" by something and my bro saw the ghostly figure..(I'M ALONE IN THE ROOM AND YET,I'M GIVING THE SYNOPSIS ABOUT THE STORY,WTH) And the story continues with more bone chilling experience and this one happened at my home(The Depot)..Urr..Now I have goosebumps...

I still want to share it xDD

Ok3..Once there was a prisoner died in there..

After the death..

Okay,I don't want to continue...

Skip the ghost story.I don't want to tell it here..

After the small chatting,we all go to the mosque again to perform our Asar prayer..After I finished my prayer,I sat in the mosque for a while and I saw some of them perform the solat as..a..urr I dunno how to say it in English,but it's in "berjemaah"..Ha,simple,in group with one Imam =) I felt so relaxed to them..I dunno why..I just love it..All races in one community..Isn't it beautiful...

We fed the fishes near the mosque..Its HUGE I tell ya 8DD I want to make it as ac curry 8DDD muahahaha!!

Wait,fed the fishes?Didn't I did it BEFORE going to met with my bro? =w=llll Ok,now I'm confused..

Forget that..

My bro knows that I'm going to an interview as being a teacher (<----urr) I don't really like being a teacher because I'm an-easily-blur-type of person =w= My second bro give some advice and some motivational speech(<--?) And now,I'm kinda pumped for the interview..KINDA!

Yeah..Just sometimes things we like doesn't really approach us..And maybe some of it doesn't really good for you(<-- I dunno how to explain it,sorry lllOTL)

Don't persuade something that just won't be there for you by putting aside all things that is IN FRONT of you all because,if you let go of it,maybe it won't be there for the second time..

p/s:Hev a happy day guys =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hukum Melukis?

Hukum Melukis Gambar Menurut Pandangan Islam


Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

"Kesenian merupakan satu penghasilan dari jiwa yang jujur & tercipta bagi menyatakan suara jiwa terhadap Al-Khaliq. Ia ibarat pengaduan rasa & ucap syukur akan keindahan yang diciptakanNya kepada diri manusia".- Al Ghazali

Saya meminati seni dan lukisan. Namun, daripada pembacaan, saya dapati terdapat larangan dalam menghasilkan potret atau mana-mana lukisan yang menyerupai objek hidup. Daripada pemahaman saya, penghasilan lukisan seperti itu seolah-olah mencabar ciptaan Yang Maha Pencipta. Bagaimanakah kedudukan sebenarnya? atau saya tersilap dalam memahami maksud sebenar larangan tersebut.

Keduanya, mengenai kedudukan gambar fotografi yang dirakamkan. Saya amat mengharapkan penjelasan kepada soalan-soalan berikut:

1. Bagaimanakah kedudukan melukis potret dan objek bernyawa dalam hukum Islam.
2. Adakah ciri sesuatu potret yang dihasilkan, iaitu 'berwarna' (menyerupai wajah sebenar yang dilukis), atau 'hitam putih' (menyerupai wajah sebenar tetapi tidak berwarna) menjadi penentu dalam mengharuskan penghasilan potret tersebut?
3. Apakah kedudukan membingkaikan gambar fotografi objek hidup (manusia dan haiwan contohnya), lalu digantung di dinding rumah mahupun pejabat?


Ratapan keampunan kepadaNYA Yang Maha Pengampun atas segala kejahilan.

Daripada: NUR HIDAYAH HAJI DAUD (Malaysia)



Islam adalah agama yang mencintai keindahan sehingga di dalam hadith Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, baginda bersabda:

إِنَّ اللهَ جَمِيْلٌ يُحِبُّ الْجَمَالَ

yang bermaksud:
Sesungguhnya Allah adalah zat yang Maha Indah dan suka kepada keindahanَ


Antara perkara yang dianggap sebagai satu keindahan yang mempunyai nilai kesenian adalah gambar yang dilukis di papan-papan kanvas dan ukiran-ukiran yang dipahat di atas batu atau kayu.

Persoalannya, adakah Islam berdasarkan ijtihad para fuqaha membenarkan kesemua lukisan dan ukiran atau sebaliknya?

Beberapa perbahasan yang disepakati dari segi hukumnya oleh seluruh para fuqaha Islam

1. Seluruh para ulama Islam bersepakat bahawa seseorang individu dibenarkan untuk melukis gambar-gambar benda yang merupakan hasil ciptaan manusia itu sendiri seperti melukis gambar rumah, kereta, masjid, komputer dan sebagainya.

Ini kerana manusia telah dibenarkan untuk mencipta benda-benda tersebut. Apabila seseorang individu itu telah dibenarkan oleh Islam untuk mencipta kereta, dia juga boleh melukis gambar kereta. Ini kerana gambar kereta lebih mudah untuk dihasilkan berbanding dengan mencipta kereta. Kalaulah mencipta kereta yang lebih sukar telahpun dibenarkan oleh Islam, maka menghasilkan gambar kereta lebih-lebih lagi dibenarkan.

2. Para fuqaha Islam juga telah bersependapat mengatakan bahawa seseorang itu boleh untuk melukis gambar-gambar alam semulajadi yang diciptakan oleh Allah Taala seperti gambar tasik, sungai, laut, bulan, bintang, matahari dan sebagainya.

Walaubagaimanapun, sekiranya gambar alam semulajadi itu dijadikan sebagai bahan sembahan orang yang bukan beragama Islam seperti golongan penyembah matahari, maka sekiranya penyembah matahari meminta sang pelukis untuk melukis gambar matahari untuk disembah selepas itu, pastinya hukum melukis gambar matahari ketika situasi ini adalah haram. Ini kerana gambar yang bakal dilukis akan digunakan untuk tujuan maksiat iaitu menyembah selain daripada Allah Taala.

Beberapa perbahasan yang tidak disepakati dari segi hukumnya oleh para fuqaha Islam

Kebanyakan para fuqaha berpandangan bahawa seseorang pelukis dibenarkan untuk melukis gambar tumbuh-tumbuhan, rumput, buah-buahan dan pokok-pokok. Mereka tidak membezakan antara pokok yang berbuah ataupun pokok yang tidak mengeluarkan buah. Bagi kebanyakan para ulama, hukum melukis tumbuh-tumbuhan dan pokok adalah seperti hukum melukis alam semulajadi seperti sungai, laut, gunung-ganang dan sebagainya.

Walaubagaimanapun, hanya seorang ulama sahaja yang tidak membenarkan melukis gambar pohon-pohon yang mengeluarkan buah. Ulama tersebut adalah Al-Imam Al-Mujahid.

Oleh itu, sekiranya seseorang pelukis ingin melukis gambar pokok yang berbuah, maka berdasarkan pandangan kebanyakan para ulama, hukumnya adalah dibolehkan.

Jawapan Kepada Soalan Yang Ditujukan

Hukum Melukis Objek Manusia Atau Binatang

Berbalik kepada soalan yang ditanya, ia berkisar berkenaan hukum melukis gambar objek yang hidup yang terdiri daripada manusia dan haiwan. Sememangnya para ulama berselisih pandangan dalam masalah ini. Ini kerana mereka berbeza pandangan dalam memahami hadith Rasulullah yang zahirnya melarang lukisan.

Para fuqaha di dalam 3 mazhab utama iaitu mazhab Al-Imam Abu Hanifah, Al-Imam Al-Syafie dan Al-Imam Ahmad ibnu Hanbal tidak membenarkan sama sekali seseorang individu melukis gambar objek-objek yang hidup daripada manusia dan binatang. Para ulama di dalam tiga mazhab ini juga mengharamkan seseorang daripada mengukir patung-patung yang menyerupai manusia ataupun binatang.

Cuma di dalam Mazhab Al-Imam Malik, para fuqaha mazhab ini (Al-Malikiyyah) berpandangan bahawa hukum melukis gambar yang sempurna[ii] bagi manusia dan haiwan adalah dibenarkan sekalipun hukumnya adalah makruh.

Ini bermakna sekiranya seseorang berniat untuk tidak melukis gambar manusia dan haiwan yang sempurna, maka dia akan mendapat pahala kerana meninggalkan perbuatan yang makruh. Namun sekiranya dia tetap melukis gambar objek hidup secara sempurna, dia tidaklah berdosa tetapi dia tidak akan mendapat sebarang pahala.

Berdasarkan jawapan di atas jelaslah kepada kita bahawa:

Melukis gambar objek yang hidup sama ada gambar manusia atau binatang adalah dibenarkan oleh para fuqaha dalam Mazhab Al-Imam Malik selagi mana gambar tersebut dalam bentuk lukisan atau ukiran. Walaubagaimanapun Al-Malikiyyah (ulama di dalam mazhab Al-Imam Malik) tetap menganggap melukis gambar manusia atau binatang adalah makruh sekiranya gambar objek bernyawa tersebut adalah sempurna.

Namun sekiranya anda ingin memegang pandangan yang mengharamkan sebarang lukisan yang menggambarkan objek manusia atau binatang, maka berdasarkan kaedah:

الْخُرُوْجُ مِنَ الْخِلاَفِ مُسْتَحَبٌّ

yang bermaksud: "Keluar daripada titik perselisihan adalah disunatkan", maka tindakan anda adalah dialu-alukan. Ini kerana apabila anda tidak melukis gambar manusia atau binatang, anda tidak melakukan perbuatan yang haram sama sekali sama ada berdasarkan pandangan yang mengharamkan sebarang gambar manusia dan binatang atau pandangan Al-Malikiyyah yang membolehkan seseorang untuk melukis gambar manusia atau binatang.

Walaupun begitu, ini tidak bermakna bahawa seseorang yang berpegang dengan pandangan Al-Malikiyyah adalah berdosa dan wajib diperbetulkan. Ini kerana apabila para ulama berbeza pandangan dalam menetapkan hukum terhadap sesuatu perbuatan, maka seseorang muqallid (individu yang tidak sampai ke tahap mujtahid) berhak untuk meilih mana-mana pandangan tanpa menerima sebarang dosa.

Hukum Gambar Fotografi

Gambar fotografi adalah dibenarkan selagi mana gambar yang diambil tidak diharamkan untuk dilihat. Oleh itu, apabila seseorang mengambil gambar temannya dalam keadaan si teman menutup aurat, hukum mengambil gambar tersebut adalah dibenarkan. Jelasnya mengambil gambar manusia yang yang tidak menutup aurat adalah diharamkan.

Gambar yang berwarna ataupun hitam putih adalah sama dari sudut hukum. Keadaan gambar tersebut adalah hitam putih atau berwarna bukanlah penentu kepada sesuatu hukum.

Hukum Menggantungkan Gambar Di Dinding

* Hukum menggantungkan gambar selain dari gambar manusia dan haiwan adalah dibenarkan. Contohnya gambar tumbuh-tumbuhan dan alam semulajadi.

* Namun sekiranya gambar yang digantung adalah gambar manusia atau haiwan yang sempurna, maka berdasarkan pandangan Al-Malikiyyah, hukumnya adalah makruh sekiranya gambar tersebut digantung atau dimuliakan. 

* Sekiranya gambar tersebut tidak dimuliakan, contohnya gambar yang ada pada hamparan, bantal, selipar, kasut dan sebagainya, maka tindakan menggunakan dan menyimpan barang-barang tersebut adalah tidak digalakkan. Ini kerana yang sebaiknya adalah tidak menggunakan langsung sebarang gambar kepada objek hidup.

* Walaubagaimanapun, berdasarkan pandangan para ulama selain daripada Al-Malikyyah, mereka mengharamkan seseorang individu untuk menggantungkan sebarang gambar manusia atau binatang yang sempurna.

* Sekiranya gambar yang ingin digantung adalah gambar manusia atau haiwan yang tidak sempurna seperti gambar kepala manusia sahaja, gambar kepala seekor singa, gambar seekor lembu tanpa kepala dan gambar manusia yang dadanya berlubang, maka kebanyakan para ulama membenarkannya tanpa ada sebarang hukum makruh.

Hadith Yang Menunjukkan Seolah-Olah Pelukis Mencabar Allah

* Berkenaan dengan hadith yang zahirnya menunjukkan bahawa lukisan benda yang bernyawa adalah seakan-akan mencabar ciptaan Allah, bagi para ulama yang berpandangan bahawa lukisan objek manusia dan binatang yang sempurna adalah haram, mereka menjadikan pengharaman tersebut kerana hadith Rasulullah menunjukkan bahawa orang yang melukis objek benda yang bernyawa telah mencabar Allah Taala. 

* Namun bagi para ulama yang tidak berpandangan bahawa lukisan gambar manusia dan haiwan adalah haram, mereka berpandangan bahawa maksud lukisan gambar yang membawa kepada mencabar Allah Taala adalah hanya apabila gambar yang dilukis bertujuan untuk disembah 


* orang yang melukis tersebut sendiri ingin menjadikan lukisannya sebagai satu cara untuk menyatakan kepada orang lain bahawa dia mampu melakukan sebagaimana Allah menciptakan sesuatu objek. Ini bermakna si pelukis sendiri yang berniat untuk mencabar kehebatan Allah dalam mencipta alam. 

* Sekiranya si pelukis tidak berniat untuk mencabar atau menandingi Allah Taala dan lukisan yang dibuat bukanlah untuk disembah, maka para ulama yang tidak mengharamkan lukisan akan menyatakan bahawa tiada sebarang sebab yang boleh mengharamkan lukisan. 


Perbincangan berkaitan dengan hukum gambar adalah satu perbincangan yang akan memperlihatkan perbezaan pandangan para ulama dalam menentukan hukum. Walaupun ada hadith yang zahirnya menunjukkan bahawa melukis adalah haram, tetapi para ulama berselisih pandangan dalam memahami hadith-hadith tersebut sehingga menyebabkan pandangan yang pelbagai dalam masalah hukum melukis.

Kita sebagai orang Islam wajib untuk menghormati perselisihan pandangan ini dengan tidak memaksa umat Islam yang lain memilih hanya satu pandangan daripada pandangan-pandangan yang pelbagai. Ini kerana setiap pandangan mempunyai sandaran dan hujah ilmu yang diceduk daripada Al-Quran, Al-Sunnah dan dalil-dalil feqh yang lain. 

Kita juga tidak boleh mencemuh pandangan sebahagian para fuqaha sekiranya pandangan mereka tidak sama dengan pandangan mazhab yang kita pegangi.

Wallahu A'lam.

Rujukan utama adalah Mausu`ah Fiqhiyyah Quwaitiyyah.

p/s: Got from my friend in FB

Life..Similar To Art?

Recently I posted something about art on my wall post(<--- in FB of course)..And it makes me realize something..LIFE is quite similar to ARTS.. (>w<)

In ARTS,we make some SKETCHES..Then we go through the INKING process...We don't really follow all the lines in the SKETCHES..Also,even though the SKETCHES are GOOD,but its not like the INKING will be as GOOD as the SKETCHES itself right? ('w' ~)


As in LIFE,we SKETCH our FUTURE..We have our own ambitions..Our own beautiful FUTURE...But..When we are 'INKING' our FUTURE,it might not be as well as we think it is..The FUTURE that were inked may not be as well as the SKETCHES itself..


If we try hard enough,we do our BEST,then the FUTURE may be created as well as the SKETCHES that you had made...Don't give up trying what you think is the best for you...If you fail,stand up again and again..Then,you will succeed in life =) Remember,everything that happened have their own purpose..So,you must be strong to face it..Face it with a smile on your face (/>//w//<)/

Have a nice day everyone (~OwO)~

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Baru2 ni,geng2 Toastmaster gerak g Taiping sebab ad speech contest..Hehe bkn aq yg msuk ok?Tp Doctor Deva..He's really a good speaker..

Sehari sblm tu,aq tdq lmbt(walaupun da tau esk kena bgn awl ==lll)..Bkn lambat biasa,pkol 4 pg bru tdq...Tak ka skit pnya gila..Disebabkn aq (dgn sengaja) t'tidur lewat,pg esoknya aq tdq bliklps solat pun wktu tu x confirm lg pkol brapa nk gerak p Taiping(<---- tumpang Ruby hehehe =w=) Dlm diam2 soalan yg aq tnya kat Ruby dijwb wktu tidur pagiku..Nsb baik Ruby kol lbh kurang pkol 10(<----gerak pkol 10.30 '''orz),bru lah aq bgn..Dengan suara baru bg tdq,aq jwb panggilan tu dgn kelam kabutnya...Fuh,first time aq boleh siap dgn msa lbih kurang 15 minit..Dgn x mkn pg,aq pun gerak tros g rumah dia..

Da smpai,aq x sngka leh t'jmpa ngn ank ke2 Ruby,Dustin..Fuh,mmg hensem >//w//< Hampir2 cair!!Ha3 lgpun aq admire dia sbb suara dia sedap habiss!!Hehe sembang pnya sembang,grk la g Taiping..Entah mcm mna,mabuk kereta aq dtg balik(sblm ni da hlang dah)..Pergh..B'goncang isi prot nih(walaupun xdak ap2 xDD)..Smpai2 kat p'hentian utk mkn,aq g sambar tandas dulu..Ingt ok la,muntah angn tp lega skit(<- yurk!!)..G la melantak nasik..Lung Wei x mkn..Uhh..Dia ngh syok cari ank kucing yg ad kat situ xD hehe minat bebenor xD

Sesudah smpai di Taiping..Ingt kat mna la tmpt tu..Tgk2 kat sekolah saudara aq merangkumi SERATAS(short form jer,aq x ingt nma pnoh =w=)..Besh lah jgk tgk..

Bila da start p'tndingn tu,aq tgk uma org mmg b'semngt..Aq pulak yg nervous padahal aq x msok pun p'tndingn tu ha3!!Hehe peserta2 suma mmg hbt2 belaka..Fuh..mmg besh ahh tgk..

Takat tu ja la yg aq ingt =w=;; Ha3!!


  • Speech mmg ssh!
  • I-Pad mmg smart!
  • Awek2 sna mmg power!(<---- tak harus dipedulikan ayt ini)
  • Dewan skolah sna mmg sjuk
  • Jgn makan sblm naik kereta!Muntah nnti!!
  • Kne hormat bila ckp ngn org tak knl (<-----ni khas utk aq XD)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anger Management?

Last meeting of Toastmaster really were happening XD Kinda enjoyed it..Because everyone's wearing a hat =w= Its so funny to see us like that ^_^ Its ok really..I almost made up my mind to wear my motorcycle helmet back then =w=;; Its kinda good to think like that because at least no one could see me nervous ^w^lll Ok2,its not about the meeting that I want to make a story here,but the topic that were given to me..

Sin Yee gave a really good topic.."How I control my anger"..Its easy..But I screw it up =w=lll I really cant think a thing because of wearing the hat(excuses xD) So I mumbled in front like a mad person...To make it up,here's my real anger management..

When I get mad because of something or SOMEONE(<---- r u telling something?? OAOlll),I usually do these things :

  • Take a deep breath..To me its crucial because its makes my DUP-DAP-DUP-DAP heartbeat calms down :3 If I let it beats like a techno song,sure I'll become crazily mad(<---seriously,right sentence?? =w=lll)
  • Calm down your mind..After the DUP-DAP-DUP-DAP slows down,I can now ease my mind thinking..Thinking of what?Not for revenge DUHHH but its for the future..Huh?I really don't understand this part =w=lll To make it sounds easy,anger can make you go crazy over something..So,if you calm you mind,you can think everything rationally..Fuh..An easy conclusion for this part '''orz
  • Don't take those bad words as something serious..Its not like you can take all of it,but some..Just think that the person that say bad words to you is a crazy person and he/she is mumbling something crazy that time..Just do a troll face(deviantart people will surely know this one) and say,"Finish already??"
  • Be careful of what you are talking back to the person..When you are angry enough,surely you will lose your temper and start saying things that you will regret afterwards right?CHILL DOWN!Think of good words if you want to fight with them(not physically fight,just talking ok?)..Say something that will make them quiet after that =D You want to know?Find it yourself xD
  • Think something else to make you happy..If you are mad,99.99% you'll be all gloomy that day..If you do that,surely you will lost the 'present' of the day..So,try distracting your mind with something else other than the problems that you were facing..Try doing something that you love to do such as drawing,singing(<--if your voice is good,then continue..if not,pity to others >w<//)..That will make you smile again..
  • Share it with people you have trust in them..Share you problems with the people you trust..Rather than you keep it all alone and going crazy about it,share it so that you will at least calm down..
Hehe this is all my steps to control my anger..I don't know if it works on you guys,but,no harm done if you try it,right? (~'w')~ Also,all of us have their own ways to calm their nerves down..But my advise..Think carefully before you act so that you won't regret it later.. (O//w//O)//


"revealing my true self through mediums =D" - A.R.I.E.F.F

"sometimes arts to me are just a way to spent your time ... but when i draw , i feel like drawing my feelings in my artworks .. so yeah , maybe to me .. drawing is another way to express your emotions .... perhaps another life to me .." - Amira Hanani

"hahahahahahahahaha i only know its has an emotional and breath taking...^^" - Ubie Kentang

" sumthink abstract, sumthink u must feel~~ =w=)lllllv to express myself~" - Phryseth Monkeyblue

"Arts mean everything.. every textures, gestures, all universe, in the other words everything can be arts~! Arts is what you can imagine, draw, feel, share and think of. It's universal. Arts teaches us and arts tells us about things around us" - Siti Azzah

"express yar yar imagination...yg terlampo overload! release yar tention.....and many more..." - Adibah Balqis

"kepuasan =)" - Azuan Syah Tahir

"Arts maksud pd ak kesenian...tak kira pd merangkumi kpd budaya & warisan sesuatu bangsa tersebut..." - Lukmalnul Hakim


yeah! i'm rocker! ahha.. thts wht i mean by arts (:" - Amirah Syahida

" for me, thats the expression from the artist. i drew what i like & feel it. ...... thats all. im blur now. =A=)" - Rin Kin

"ARTS, are my life. I put feelings in it. :p" - Ana Nur Fatihah

"definitely paradise~" - Ili Atiqah

"Ari2 Rasa Tidak Sempurna- ARTS" - Hazam Nazri

"arts is a special talent gain by someone which make others happy.." - Ghajendra Ghajen

"arts...they are a part of my life. o.o" - Michelle Ming

"seni itu mengasyikkan" - Bophairy Baharum

"Art is a stubborn thing, just like business" - Toby Thong

"arts ish everthing ^_^" - Takie~nee~chan

"arts is life =) sume yg ade dlm hidup ni ade kaitan dgn art" - Haru~nii~san

"cara org luah kan prasaan ataupun imaginasi tanpa batasan..." - Yazmin Yusuf

See =) all of us have their own definition about "ARTS"...Not even one definition is exactly the same as others =) With different people,the world is much better to be lived in,right? ^_^ Don't easily mocks other people because we too have our own specialty n weaknesses (>w<)/ Treat their weaknesses as something special to you..Do your best to help them overcome their weaknesses rather than condemning them..And don't forget to overcome yours too ^[]^// Good Day! >w<)77

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Green Mug

Huehehehehe xD Today's great!<----(for some reason!) xD Hehe I got a little green mug with a smiling face on it (>///A///<) Thank you soo muchyyy to sis mon a.k.a onee~chun ~(OwO)~ Fuuu I'm gonna take care of it!Yeah!! (*[]*)// Fuu (QwO) I love this mug..Owh man..Terharu gila nih ha3! =D

Btw,today is the last day for one of my friends to spend some time with us =) Sin Yee!She's going for NS soon (OwO)/ Don't forget to take care of yourself ok sis?Hehe =) I really wanna make a goodbye present for her..At least I wanna draw something for her =) But..Uhh I dunno if I can really finished it so soon because I want to colour it as well =) But..Hehe i don't really mind..Yeahh!Time to work!

Surprised??Hehe now I'm playing with some DIGITAL colours =) But TRADITIONAL art still is my favourite =) And also,I must make sketches first before I can draw it properly in my lappy =w=lll fuu so I can kill 2 birds with one stone =D Practicing DIGITAL while improving TRADITIONAL =) Hehe

Starting Fresh!! *A*)77

Hehe I'm gonna remake my blog..Uhh..Not remake actually..But doing MAJOR modification to it!Muahahaha!! >8DD I'm gonna post all the things that I wanna share or even happening in my life(MAYBE!) >w<// Ha3 =D i wanna make this blog readable to others and don't forget that I'll use BAHASA MELAYU in my blog too =) and at least wanna make it more interesting I hope (~=//w//=)a Hehe 'new blog',I'm coming for yaaa!