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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fuuu :3 Happy Day?I think llllOTL

Peace Be Upon You All My Brothers And Sisters =D

Yaww,for tonight is about the third day since the classes has started xDD

First thing in the morning,we have Basic Math...Basic..Basic.....BASIC???I can't even remember how to do it!!Why is it so hard???Aihh..If basic I can't grab,how about others... llllOTL Mr Gan also looks like a scary person eventhough he always laughing...Damn it gave me the goosebumps that time.....

Hehehhehe after that,the ES time..Or to be precise,it is called English Studies...

Waiting and waiting about 5 minutes,I decided to have a journey to search for Madam Rohaida aka Madam R 8D I love this one,its like a code name for spies 8DDD

As I entered the door of nervousness,I asked the teacher next to the door..

"Err,can I know where is Madam Rohaida?"

She just showed the person next to me...But madam didn't really noticed me because she was to busy with her jobs..

Glad Sir Roslan were there to give back my marker that he borrowed from me..

After Madam Rohaida asked me to sit,we talked a little..


Its scary =w=;; Thank goodness Amirah were there as well..So my nervous feelings just flew away ahahahaha...

After some discussion with Madam Rohaida,I company Amirah to the office to book the GERKO hall for tomorrow's class because we have to combine with TESL1..And we have to direct a drama..Yes,you see it right =w=;; DRAMA!

No comment..

Seriously..No comment..Stop asking...


Okay2!!!I was kinda "WTH" at that time!!But hey,no harm done right???

Sir Zulkefli's class were after ES class so we went to C4..

First,I was about to headbanging again...But after looking some presentations with pictures and writing some notes,hey!!I'm OKAY again!!

The moral of the story is,write notes to not to make you sleepy okay :3

Hehe for the sports time at the evening,kinda relaxing I guess because we talked about doing a vacation 8DDD

But the leader is not me...


So me and Muja conduct the little pilihanraya xDD

Hey,seriously,I love it you know...

Its like talking to your juniors :3

Now pumped to be a senior!! 8D (wait,only senior?what about teacher???)

At night we have some ceramah about the clubs and other thingys...

KESAS really took my interest :3



Alright :3 That's all for now xDD Got some work to do thehehehe..

Ntey alll xDDDD

Peace Be Upon You xDDD

p/s:Have a nice day and smile yaww xD

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do You Mind....?

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yaww..Its da second day of my classes =) And this time really3 ish AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

First,we headed to C2 class for LDV..It takes time for the lecturer to came in..So I called the lecturer named Tn Hj Roslan..

"Hello assalamualaikum,sir..You know right this morning you have your class with us?"

"Ah,waalaikumsalam..Yes2..Its 11.45 right?"

And I was like..WTH?Wasn't it supposed to be at 7.45??

So I confirmed again with him..

"But sir,we do have LDV(Language Development) now.."

"No3..It supposed to be LDS(Language Descriptis)...Haven't you call Pn Junaidah??"

Aihhh...Kinda disappointed that time lllOTL to think that I got the wrong information,makes my face red enough to be slapped rapidly...Glad I'm outside the class that time =w=;;;

So LDS surely the lecturer won't come in because she's kinda busy with other things to do...So just felt free that time =w=

Then its the SS(Social Skills) subject's time..Its our mentor ,En Zulkefli who conducted the class..I dunno what else to say 8DD Kinda happy + sleepy that time 8DD HEADBANGING BECAUSE OF MY DROWSINESS!!!

The SS takes about 2 hours,so the 2nd hour,we went to the library for some taklimat(seriously I don't know taklimat in english 8D)..About the OPAC,and the others..We are TESL students...But why did I searched for arts reference books?? =w=;;

After that,we went to the C4 class for the LDV class..And this time,its for real xD

The lecturer that will teach us about LDV is called Tn Hj Roslan(wait,I thought I said it somewhere =w=)..My first impression,HE LOOK SCARY Q[]Q;;


Hey :3 He's kinda sporting you know..Kinda cool but the volume of his voice is kinda slow =w=;; So I really need to pay attention this time..No more headbanging...

He taught us how to pronounce words correctly...Like BICYCLE,HOUSE and others..

Eh?You think its like teaching preschoolers???

Trust me =w=; You just don't know how hard is it to pronounce that word correctly..It give me the shivers to see Sir Roslan's jaws when he pronounce 'NO' lllOTL

Ah,he also gave a new idiom to us 8D And this one you can't find it anywhere else!It is "A dictionary to a teacher is like a pistol to a policeman"

Just think the meaning of the word yourself okay =D

Alright =) After the LDV,we got EI..That stands for Emotional Intelligence...

This one were conducted by Dr Ting Len Siong..

Hey,he have PhD 8D

Kinda scary at first because of his face =w=;; And we saw him threw a marker pen out of the class...

Hehe but actually,he's kinda relaxing :3 Always relax,eventhough sometimes I don't really like his attitude(I can't remember each one),but lastly,I intend to like him =D He even allowed us to bring some food and eat in his class 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Hehe and I got to present something insyaAllah in 2 more week or something like that...

Aihh..I'm tired for today...

That's all for today xDD

Peace Be Upon You All =DD

p/s:Have a nice day >w<)99

Monday, June 27, 2011

First Day?Great?Or Grave???

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yaww...Glad the classes already started(<----WTH??GLAD?????WE WANT VACATIONS!AHA)..Actually it supposed to start on Sunday,but TESL2 awesomeness made it more AWESOME until there was no class on Sunday 8D Ahahahahhaa..Glad in TESL2 :3 No classes on Sundays except for Tutorial and Assembly =)

Ok2..Now to the next day...

Alhamdulillah we woke up early so that we can prepare anything that were necessary for the classes..Fuh,we were full of spirits back then when we walk towards our class's block...

We entered with full of styles(NERDS 8D) and sit...




And again,sit.......

With full of patience we wait for the lecturer to come in through the front door...

And lastly....

NO ONE ENTERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lllOTL aihhh...What a disappointment we were feeling back there...

After the class(??),we went to the cafe to eat some breakfast...Damn were hungry...

We manage to gather our lost spirits(enthusiasm?) and again..We walked with full of happiness and fullness 8D I mean the stomach at least...We dun have to hear it screaming =w=

So again,we waited for the lecturer for the next class to enter and give some things to be told or anything..



No one came in..

So for the LDS subject,my friend suggest to talk to Sir Zulkefli that if the lecturer din come in,can we went back to our rooms??

So this KK ish travelling across rocks(pathway),rivers(the drain) and had to push a big2 scary door(the language department door)!

Alhamdulillah,Sir Zulkefli were there so he showed me some of the new timetables..But i cant remember llllOTL But at least I jot down the names of the lecturers that were going to teach us after this =)

And he gave some good news!

We can go back to our rooms!!!!

We with full of happiness and headache,I ran my way back to my group(not actually running,but hey,wanna make it dramatic right =DD)

So I told them lah about the thing..Actually first I wanna to tell them to go to the library,but looks like no response and I AM KIDDING THAT TIME!RELAX IN THE ROOM IS MUCH MORE BETTER(except we don't read books in the room =w=;;;)

Ahahahahaha..Aihhh...I lose my mind just now for certain reasons...

Kinda stressed because of something...

And the earphone were with me the whole time =D

Aihh...I better learn how to control my anger...

So that's all for now =D

Peace Be Upon You All =DDD

p/s:Have a nice day and smile xDDD

Friday, June 24, 2011

Life In Maktab =) #1

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yawww,hehehe alhamdulillah =D All the things that needed to be done during the registration had already been done xDD Yooo ahahahahaha

For the first day is kinda messy day =) Usually my mom helped me(a lot) about registration of everything,but this time,I need to do it by myself =D And urgh..Its really confusing because so many things I need to recall when searching the forms..Ahahahaha but Alhamdulilah all the things were settled =)

After the registration,we headed to my room =) Its CB8..And I have my first roommate :3 Da name is Azmeer hehe and he have the same course as me =))

After some cleaning(actually a lot =w=;;) the students were summoned to the hall for some things to be lectured 8DD Ahahahaha kena bebel!!

Hehe eventhough it takes time for me to know my roommate,but Alhamdulillah it went fine :3

The second day is kinda tiring because we need to gather at 5.30 a.m..And its SO HARD BECAUSE I AM TOO TIRED!!WOARRGGGHHHH!!!And also,we met an interesting senior who like to say something with adding 'shit' at the end of the sentence(kinda :3) Hehe ah!I met Afiq~sempai xDD And he's really handsome =w=;; That night we sang a really great song..For the first time I loved an official song 8DDDDDD Its an IPG song xDD

Ha3 the LDK(Latihan Dalam Kumpulan or in english is Group Work I think =w=) at the third day is amazing 8D We met the girls and our tutor!!Mr Zulkefli xD He looks like a sporting person..So I hope he is =w=;;; Now I know my classmate's names xDDD Hakim,Azmeer,Naim,Bahij,Azizi,Ada,Muja,Nurul,Alang,Khalida,Dya,Nadia,Amira,Qaiyah,Syanim,Ju,Mimi,Buvana,Ain and Liyana :3 Its hard for me to remember llllOTL

The forth day and the last day =) We were given the Surat Aku Janji and some other things that I don't remember..We had great field activities =D Eventhough kinda sad to leave da seniors(and some of them we just llloooovvvveeee to let go ahahahahaha) we were given some water balloon 'presents' by our seniors =w=;; Glad I din manage to got hit..But the flour that I accidentally eaten when picking da sweets using my mouth were really giving me a hard time and I nearly vomited :3

The fifth day...The last orientation day...Can't remember what happened in the morning but we made a fine..Wait,I mean GREAT closing ceremony 8DDD Hehe and that evening we went to KB for some jalan2 cari mkn xDD and shopping!Hehehehe I almost got lost in there lllOTL eventhough its just TESCO...Ahahahahha xDD funny friends make wonderful memories =D Don't believe it??Then you should try it xDD But please choose your friends wisely ok =) Ah,my bag also went missing in the bus...But eventually did manage to got it from one of my friends that were living in the CA2 room :3

Yaww,thats all for now =) I hope you all will enjoy your life =) Don't miss any chances that were given to you =)))

Peace Be Upon You All =DD

p/s:Have a good night!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Goodbye peaceful life,Hello MAKTAB =D

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Hehe..Now..The time has come or me to continue my studies =D All my friends are already studying,so now its my turn to join them =)

Firstly,I'm kinda sorry for the lacking of updates because been busying searching for things to bring alongside of me to go to maktab =) Hey,alhamdulillah I got a place to go right? =) I got a maktab at Kelantan =) And insyaAllah,I will be a teacher in the next 5 years =D

Secondly,many things changed around me =) From my relationship,until my attitude =D And alhamdulillah,all of them are positive ones =D Hehe also,angah brought me a new watch =D And its my first watch because I never(wait,maybe once hehe) wear a watch before =D Hehe

Third,all the things have already been packed =) Now only the lappy,and some other little things to be pack inside the last bag =D And I'm kinda in a happy + nervous state right now =D Ahahahahaha xDD

Fourth,just after solat maghrib,angah advice me =D Kinda like ceramah(NOT MOCKING!) =D Hehe and I LOVE IT!All the things that I wanted to know + I never know were told there =D Now I know that its okay if I don't feel sad for a long time but I have to 'perbetulkan balik niat kat Allah' (<---sorry,I dunno how to translate it lllOTL) Also,there's other ways to give something to others in a simple word,charity or 'sedekah' =) Not all needed money..U can give food to the beggar =) And that one strikes me =) Wow,a new spirit is in me xDDD

Lastly,I'm sorry if I don't update this blog often after this because I wanted to focus in my studies =D However,if I have time,I will update it insyaAllah =D


And a very big Big BIg BIG BBBIIIGGG tankies to mama,abah,along,angah,kimi,nee~chama,nii~san,ghajen,bob,nordin,nabila,natasya,amira hanani aka Flippy,takie~san,iqbal,fatimah,,afiq~sempai,adz,mr blacksmith(da OC,i cnt remember his name lllOTL),my friends in Ipoh,Langkap and in Fb too =D Not to forget my Arts Family members =DD


Jaa,till next time =D

Peace Be Upon You All =D

p/s:Smile always because you are beautiful/handsome =DDD

Friday, June 3, 2011

(|-~O3O)~ Fuu Fuu New MP3 xDDDD

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yo =D Its really been a while since I updated the blog =w=;; Ahahahaha,I'm kinda sorry for it =D

Ok3,as the title tells ya,I got a new MP3 xDD Theheheh tankies to my mama n abah muahahaha!!

Hehe just now me,mama n along went to JJ at Ipoh..Actually,we wanted to watch the latest movie,The Pirates Of The Carribean(<--I spell it right?) but we ran out of luck..All the tickets were sold..The only ones left were the midnight's..

So we proceed to the next store,Sony for buying my Mp3 8DD Actually I wanted a tablet..But to think about it,I don't really need it..Because surely I will be busy studying...And maybe I wont have time to draw...So thats why I choose Mp3...

I cant sleep without hearing any songs(at home I usually hear my radio making noise xDD) so Mp3 could do it :3

While choosing,I saw a Mp4..But for some reasons and traumas =w=;; I pass...

Hehe the one that I choose were blue in color..Black was nice too but its kinda hard to find it if it was lost in the dark =w=;;

Hehe I really hope that I can post some pictures here..Uhh..

Alright,thats all for now =D

Peace Be Upon You All xDDD

p/s:Have a nice day and smile always =D
p/p/s:Regretted that I din bought the 4gb Mp4 lllOTL