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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do You Mind....?

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yaww..Its da second day of my classes =) And this time really3 ish AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

First,we headed to C2 class for LDV..It takes time for the lecturer to came in..So I called the lecturer named Tn Hj Roslan..

"Hello assalamualaikum,sir..You know right this morning you have your class with us?"

"Ah,waalaikumsalam..Yes2..Its 11.45 right?"

And I was like..WTH?Wasn't it supposed to be at 7.45??

So I confirmed again with him..

"But sir,we do have LDV(Language Development) now.."

"No3..It supposed to be LDS(Language Descriptis)...Haven't you call Pn Junaidah??"

Aihhh...Kinda disappointed that time lllOTL to think that I got the wrong information,makes my face red enough to be slapped rapidly...Glad I'm outside the class that time =w=;;;

So LDS surely the lecturer won't come in because she's kinda busy with other things to do...So just felt free that time =w=

Then its the SS(Social Skills) subject's time..Its our mentor ,En Zulkefli who conducted the class..I dunno what else to say 8DD Kinda happy + sleepy that time 8DD HEADBANGING BECAUSE OF MY DROWSINESS!!!

The SS takes about 2 hours,so the 2nd hour,we went to the library for some taklimat(seriously I don't know taklimat in english 8D)..About the OPAC,and the others..We are TESL students...But why did I searched for arts reference books?? =w=;;

After that,we went to the C4 class for the LDV class..And this time,its for real xD

The lecturer that will teach us about LDV is called Tn Hj Roslan(wait,I thought I said it somewhere =w=)..My first impression,HE LOOK SCARY Q[]Q;;


Hey :3 He's kinda sporting you know..Kinda cool but the volume of his voice is kinda slow =w=;; So I really need to pay attention this time..No more headbanging...

He taught us how to pronounce words correctly...Like BICYCLE,HOUSE and others..

Eh?You think its like teaching preschoolers???

Trust me =w=; You just don't know how hard is it to pronounce that word correctly..It give me the shivers to see Sir Roslan's jaws when he pronounce 'NO' lllOTL

Ah,he also gave a new idiom to us 8D And this one you can't find it anywhere else!It is "A dictionary to a teacher is like a pistol to a policeman"

Just think the meaning of the word yourself okay =D

Alright =) After the LDV,we got EI..That stands for Emotional Intelligence...

This one were conducted by Dr Ting Len Siong..

Hey,he have PhD 8D

Kinda scary at first because of his face =w=;; And we saw him threw a marker pen out of the class...

Hehe but actually,he's kinda relaxing :3 Always relax,eventhough sometimes I don't really like his attitude(I can't remember each one),but lastly,I intend to like him =D He even allowed us to bring some food and eat in his class 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Hehe and I got to present something insyaAllah in 2 more week or something like that...

Aihh..I'm tired for today...

That's all for today xDD

Peace Be Upon You All =DD

p/s:Have a nice day >w<)99

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