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Monday, April 29, 2013

Rambles #1

That feeling when you want to stay away from people..
For certain reason everything that they do seems annoying to you..
It is not the first time..
Maybe because I simply still cannot adopt and adapt with them..
Not to mention my own attitude..
And emotions..

Sometimes it feels so lonely that I wanted to cry..
But when I am about to cry, I suddenly lost the reason to do so..
And the feelings cannot be expressed..
Nor released..
It is frustrating..
Because yeah, I'm tired of keeping it..

I wanted to share, but don't have the courage to do so..
I can't find someone like me..
No, not someone like me..
Just that someone that can earn my trust to do so..
Someone that can really make me trust him/her almost without any doubt..
Not to mention I can actually be myself..

Not the one that I'm trying to fake right now..

Low self-esteem?
That's me alright..
In everything..
I'm just a tiny little microorganism among my friends..
With ability which is none to nil..

Seeing them..
Everyone with their own abilities..
Soft skills..
Computers and such..
Fast learner..



None that can actually being proud of...

It's a pity...
I envy them so much that it made me feel like I'm not suitable for them..
Not good enough..
Does not have the qualifications..
Not even in their league..

A socially-awkward person..
Not bright enough..
Having this fucking low self-esteem..

Just by listening how they talk..
Communicating among themselves..
My peers..
All of em..
Slaps me hard..
Made me realize that I am so freaking out of the league..

Being picked on?
It's normal..
But yeah..
If it's frequent..
Until it resembles yourself..
It decays itself in me..
Attaching it's claws inside..
I'm dying..
So true..
Every second of it..

Having someone special that you can actually share something?
I guess I have one..
I guess..
Not going to guarantee anything..

It's just me..
Just me..