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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Same But Different?

"Both of you are wearing earphones..But listening to different music" -Mama

Hehe that was what she said when she saw me and my 2nd brother wearing earphones on my last day recently :)
Yes,we were wearing earphones..
But none of the listening content is the same!!
It makes me wonder..
Eventhough both of us were doing the same thing,but it is actually quite different :)
Isn't it shows dat each one of us have our own taste on something?
Different people,different styles :D
It makes the world beautiful u know xD

Hehe personalities are also different xDD
Can't accept others personality?
We actually colors the world :)
Just accept others difference :D
Even twins have their own ways to be differentiate :)
Just go with the flow :D
Dun mock others ok?
Also,share with others :D
Love is shown when u share something :)
Hehe like they always said,sharing is caring :D

Self Confidence owo/

Self confidence...
No one is born with full confidence :)
We have to earn them..
Just be confident bout urself xDD
Chill :)
It is a really important aspect in oneself u know :)
It helps u to be more matured in something..
In everything actually :D
Hehehe dun ever be afraid in doing something..
The one that is actually feeling the sweetness of it..
Is actually..
It's not like we are actually losing something eventhough we answered something wrong is class..
Or just being different from others
Let them laugh at u..
Deafen ur ears(literally of course)
The one that din do anything..
They just can laugh,and laugh,and laugh..
But u r tasting the nectar of ur confidence :)
Y r us so down with urself?
U wan to know what..
U r born to live in confidence :)

Crazy Enough? :D

Are you crazy enough?
Are you crazy enough??
Hehe what I'm asking is not a-crazy-mentally-till-meet-the-psychiatrist-thingy :D
I'm just asking that are u crazy enough to show ur true self? :)
Normally people will juz wear a mask,or rather,being hypocrite bout themselves :)
I'm not bluffing..
The one that always be the silent type person..
Is actually a cannot-shut-up-even-for-one-minute people :D
Who knows?
All of us are actually wearing one of those mask :)
Think back :D
U'll know xD
Especially in taking pictures :)
Aww :D
Being oneself is a truly great experience :)
Crazy enough to show ur true attitude in front on people :)
Crazy enough to be one xD
Hehe :D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bias? :)

A kid..
Always tells dat his father does not love him :)
And the only one who cares bout him is the mother..
Did the kid realize dat the father cares so much bout him? :)
Or he's just being bias because the mother is always there by his side..
Without understanding dat the father is actually working for the family? :D

Same goes to us :)
We always see something that actually,IN FRONT of us..
Rather than reading between the lines :D
Wait..I'm spinning..Err..How to explain it...
Ah,we always did something meaningful with someone..
But we forget that the others are actually helping(or to make it simple,making us happy too)..
And we only say thanks to the person that is beside us..
Rather than all the person that is there WITH u :)
Observe ur surroundings :)
Take note dat the person that is making u happy,
is not only

but actually
there's many of them :D
Appreciate them :)


Have u ever been commented?
Being criticized?
Of course u have right..
But do u take it as a stepping stone to be a better person?
Or u just got mad n start to shout bad words to him/her?

Calm down bro..
Take a deep breath..
Because it's 4 ur own sake :)

If ya have a rough start..
The others will be much more smoother :D
Take it easy,n dun blast ur volcanoes easily :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music For The Soul :)

Hehe :)
"There's always a song that fits your feeling"
I won't argue with that..
That's y I always have my earphones tucked in my ears..
Eventhough some sees it as an annoying thing when they're talking to me..
I'm healing my storm-like feelings that is running crazy in me :)
So I dun really care what others think when I'm wearing one :D
Because it is the real me xD
The craziness with u guys..
The spontaneous in doing something..
Truly it is my true self :D

 Excuse me..
I'm just being myself :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I dunno what else I wanted to say..It's painful :'(