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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crazy Enough? :D

Are you crazy enough?
Are you crazy enough??
Hehe what I'm asking is not a-crazy-mentally-till-meet-the-psychiatrist-thingy :D
I'm just asking that are u crazy enough to show ur true self? :)
Normally people will juz wear a mask,or rather,being hypocrite bout themselves :)
I'm not bluffing..
The one that always be the silent type person..
Is actually a cannot-shut-up-even-for-one-minute people :D
Who knows?
All of us are actually wearing one of those mask :)
Think back :D
U'll know xD
Especially in taking pictures :)
Aww :D
Being oneself is a truly great experience :)
Crazy enough to show ur true attitude in front on people :)
Crazy enough to be one xD
Hehe :D

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