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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bias? :)

A kid..
Always tells dat his father does not love him :)
And the only one who cares bout him is the mother..
Did the kid realize dat the father cares so much bout him? :)
Or he's just being bias because the mother is always there by his side..
Without understanding dat the father is actually working for the family? :D

Same goes to us :)
We always see something that actually,IN FRONT of us..
Rather than reading between the lines :D
Wait..I'm spinning..Err..How to explain it...
Ah,we always did something meaningful with someone..
But we forget that the others are actually helping(or to make it simple,making us happy too)..
And we only say thanks to the person that is beside us..
Rather than all the person that is there WITH u :)
Observe ur surroundings :)
Take note dat the person that is making u happy,
is not only

but actually
there's many of them :D
Appreciate them :)

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