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Monday, November 28, 2011

Acceptance :)

Eehehe this is a common prob with women :)
When they're wearing hijab,their friends start mocking them with bad words..
Hehehe it is okay for u to be beautiful :)
But not TOO attractive till opposite sex becomes full of lust just by looking at u..
Just be a modest person :)
Even though u r not accepted by ur friends,Allah will accept u insyaAllah :D
Be yourself..
You don't have to disguise or change urself into somebody else just to fit in :)

Hehe just be urself :D
The only acceptance needed is only by Allah :)
Then ur life will be perfect insyaAllah :D
Have a nice day :DD

Friday, November 25, 2011


"I'm Sorry"
It's actually my bad..
For not noticing it early enough..
I took a wrong turn..
N nw facing the music of my mistake..
I'm serious nw..
Even though I'm not really dat type..
Because i cnt handle any seriousness..
And it makes me forget everything..
Back to the topic..
I'm really sorry for hurting u..
it's not like I dun care a damn thing..
It's just I had the phobia..
Something that is scary to me bout it..
But it made u think otherwise..
Even though I look like I din take it seriously..
But deep inside..
I really cared..
Although I know it doesn't matter anymore right now..
I just want to express it..
Even if u look at me like I'm some kind of idiot..
At least I'm trying to be honest here..
My friend said..
"Try to be a better man"
I'm trying..
But the past is haunting me..
And I crashed every time..
It slaps me hard every time I tried..
Till u left..
And I noticed..
I am being jealous..
It's no use now..
Nothing can change..
I often hear..
"Good person,is for a good person.."
I cant be one..
I'm not a good person for playing ur feelings..
And again..
I'm sorry bout dat..
Really2 sorry..
It's not intentionally..
It's ok now if u wan to avoid me..
Live ur life to the fullest :)
Won't bother u anymore..
Yup :)
That's all ^_^
Surely I won't get that..
Just kidding..
No hugs

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adored :)

Love being adored?
Or Not?
I'm just asking..
Dun give me a scary look ok..
It's a plain question..
Of  course everyone loves being adored :)
Hehe surely I'm right :3
All of us love acting so cuddly with their loved ones :)
And of course trying to get their attention :)
But when u suddenly have a big problem(no matter what it is)..
And u try to contact them..
Because u want someone by your side..
But no one came..
And u start to cry all night long..
Not to forget that u din even get a good night sleep..
Hey :)
Cheer Up!!
U can't change anything at that time!!
Take it as a challenge!!
See it like this..
"They are trying to test u,if u r independent enough n can take care of yourself"
Show it :DDD
Show your true self!!!
But show that you are strong :D
Leik Dat!!! 8D
Show that you can manage your sadness!!!
Do something that u like!!
And crazy if u want to..
Go and try to fight a dolphin in a swimming contest!!!
Or try trolling with others :33

Not crazy enough????
Then play hide and seek!!
Not a normal one :3
With this camouflage,u can easily scare kids at the park 8D
Interested now??
Not even close to crazy??
Then do what u wanna do..
Remember :)
Dun waste any of ur time..
It is precious :D
Use it wisely :)))
And also,don't think that they don't love u :)
Just that act as if it is a challenge game for u to play :D
Dun mad..
Chillax okay..
Now u can get a good night sleep :D
And tomorrow will be a great day again :)
With those that will adore u xD

A Song That I Remembered For You :D

Yo yo yoo!!
Wazzupppp xDD
Some people will feel strange + weird + afraid when suddenly i smiled + bursts with laughter while hearing my mp3..
Of course at that time no one is making any jokes..
And surely i won't hear anything that they were saying that time..
U want to know why?
Really want to know why??
Really want to know ittt??
Eheheheh then i'll tell ya xD
It's simple :)
Because it remind me of u guys xD
Each song that i hear..
Especially in my mp3..
Really remind me of u guys :D
Hehe now..
Let me tell you da song that you represent :3
I mean if the song is rolling,i will remember u..

Mistletoe - Luke
"Pertama kali kita bertemu,Ku rasa jntungku seperti batu" - Naim n Jeme (err..cnt remember da title..)
Talking to The Moon - Jiji
Why Can't We Be Friends - Bahij
Awanano(is the spelling right?) - Aizat
Sexy And I Know It - Cha
Taylor Swift's songs - Bukhari
You Belong With Me - Syanim
Move Like Jagger - Alang
1234 - Dyah
Aishiteru - Khalida
I Do - Ju
"Ada seorang budak nama dia Mia.." - Mia (again,i dunno da title lllorz)
Sway - Izzatul, Ti n Piaa

Hehehehe :D
For those whom names are not written there..
Dun be mad :)
It's just dat i dun find ur song yet :D
Time will tell xD
So dun be afraid okay if i smile suddenly :D

GoodBye Sem1 :D

Finished from being a sem 1 TESL student xD
And nw facing a whole new sem :3
Even though it is a late update(around 1 week late!!)
Hehe :D
Who cares?
I'm already starting to miss my classmates..
Since it is bored to death here..
So they're always running in my mind because we usually spend time together xDDD
I dun wan to cry..
Ahahhahaha xDD
Dang i'm being too emo here..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Suitable Reward :)

A storm just arrived..

Almost all of the clothes were wet again..
Not to mention to those who were walking at the street enjoying the view..
And those who were playing football at the field..
Majority of the programs had to be cancelled because of the rain :(

Curses were heard..
Foul words were being used..

Frustration can be seen on the face..
err..wrong picture..
But shortly after the storm passed..
Did you notice?
How beautiful the day is?
Especially in the night :)
You can see a full moon :D
Subhanallah :)

Think About It..

Relate it with your life :)
Having a storm(problem) suddenly :(
Have the guts to survive the terror D:
Trying the best to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

And after a while..
You feel relieved..
You feel glad..
You feel..
You even got your reward for passing the 'test' that were given :D
By whom the test were given?
By HIM :)
I know you know who is HIM :)
God :D
He is testing you..
Whether you are strong enough..
Whether you have faith in Him..
And you passed..
Also,each successful moment should be given a present :)
And you will be given the PERFECT PRESENT for all of your hard work :)
Surely,it is a surprise :D
It will be given in a way that you don't even can imagine :D
You'll be much stronger in facing other tests..
You'll be successful in life..
And many more :D


Don't be sad in facing something difficult :)
Because He won't give you something that you can't handle..
Don't worry..
Face the storm like a hero / heroin :)
And you can see the bright new moon after that :D

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bending Time Forward! :) Tips From Me!

Surprised with the title??
It is true!!!
And I'm going to teach u guys how to be one!! 8D
It's simple!!
U guys can try it!!
Especially in a boring place such as in the assembly or class :D
But please read carefully..
Please give full attention while reading the steps..
1) During the time that u wanted to do time bending,please make sure that u r VERY COMFORTABLE with your posture.
2) After u find yourself in a comfort zone,now I want u to CLOSE YOUR EYES.Make sure that u dun strain yourself to close them..Just shut them slowly..
3) Next,try CLEARING YOUR MIND from those things that make u feel stress or something like that..
4) Then,I want u to loosen up ur head..Keep it down..
5)Now is the MOST CRUCIAL part to do..
And it is..
When u wakes up,the time will be forwarded now!!!
And I now declare that u are A TIME BENDER!!
Extremely dependable when u r not patient when waiting someone :D
Plus,there're a lot more poses that u can try..
And that are my tips to bend time! 8D

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Words :)

"I am not good in saying the prefect words or sentences. So whenever I said something, I always mean them." - Izzatul

I truly agree with what the quote means..
Because I'm not the man that can read between the lines..
Trust me..
It will make me dizzy..
And it will make me EXTRA confuse with the meaning..
So I will just answer the question given :D
I have problems in explaining something..
Because some words that I said have the same meaning..
For example the word "gila" or "crazy"
If I said it,maybe the meaning is "great" or "superb" or anything else..
But it depends on my emotion at that time :)
So it is better for you to ask what is the meaning first ok?
Rather than suddenly 'attack' me with foul words..
IF you can understand what am I explaining at that time..
My best friends know my real attitude..
And the difficulties that I had when I'm explaining something..
So that's why I dun really care when they said..
Hehe with those sarcastic faces..
Hey,I can be crazy when I am with them :D
So I can do anything that I wanted xDDD