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Friday, November 25, 2011


"I'm Sorry"
It's actually my bad..
For not noticing it early enough..
I took a wrong turn..
N nw facing the music of my mistake..
I'm serious nw..
Even though I'm not really dat type..
Because i cnt handle any seriousness..
And it makes me forget everything..
Back to the topic..
I'm really sorry for hurting u..
it's not like I dun care a damn thing..
It's just I had the phobia..
Something that is scary to me bout it..
But it made u think otherwise..
Even though I look like I din take it seriously..
But deep inside..
I really cared..
Although I know it doesn't matter anymore right now..
I just want to express it..
Even if u look at me like I'm some kind of idiot..
At least I'm trying to be honest here..
My friend said..
"Try to be a better man"
I'm trying..
But the past is haunting me..
And I crashed every time..
It slaps me hard every time I tried..
Till u left..
And I noticed..
I am being jealous..
It's no use now..
Nothing can change..
I often hear..
"Good person,is for a good person.."
I cant be one..
I'm not a good person for playing ur feelings..
And again..
I'm sorry bout dat..
Really2 sorry..
It's not intentionally..
It's ok now if u wan to avoid me..
Live ur life to the fullest :)
Won't bother u anymore..
Yup :)
That's all ^_^
Surely I won't get that..
Just kidding..
No hugs

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