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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It is like a music in ya ears xDD
Those unwanted noises especially in class :D
Doesn't it annoys u?
It's ok to be urself..
Eventhough I always told u guys to be urself..
For the first time,it is kinda enjoying :D
Then after that,it goes more to the 'annoying' part D:
Don't u know that,instead of 'acting' that u r cute,u r actually making others hate u?
Sometime u have to know,when must u shut up n calm down..
Being TOO enthusiastic is not good 4 u :)
It actually make others think like wanna give a high 5 to u :D
Haha am I right guys?
No2,not u that sounds like those chicken ass butt that cnt shut up for a minute..
But those who are at the front/behind/right/left that have to fill their eardrums with cotton so that they wouldn't be deaf!!!
No is actually impressed/happy/enjoyable/etc when u guys start those unwanted things..
Don't show that u r stupid :)
Be matured..
Think bout what others feeling too :)
Age is just a number?
It is more than dat :)
Dun be stupid enough till u din realize that u r actually showing ur disrespect toward others :D


geum suk wei said...

i kindda like this.. nice one!

ARIEFF said...

tankies xDDD

chegu abbas said...

nice entry.....
P/s: better guna pop-up comment yer dik..

PUCCAnis said...

things tht are always in my mind..but never dare to speak out..hhaha..thanks..btw, nice one..:)

ARIEFF said...

chegu~san : pop-up comment?ap tu?btw,tankies :D
PUCCAnis : hehe glad ya like it xD