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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adored :)

Love being adored?
Or Not?
I'm just asking..
Dun give me a scary look ok..
It's a plain question..
Of  course everyone loves being adored :)
Hehe surely I'm right :3
All of us love acting so cuddly with their loved ones :)
And of course trying to get their attention :)
But when u suddenly have a big problem(no matter what it is)..
And u try to contact them..
Because u want someone by your side..
But no one came..
And u start to cry all night long..
Not to forget that u din even get a good night sleep..
Hey :)
Cheer Up!!
U can't change anything at that time!!
Take it as a challenge!!
See it like this..
"They are trying to test u,if u r independent enough n can take care of yourself"
Show it :DDD
Show your true self!!!
But show that you are strong :D
Leik Dat!!! 8D
Show that you can manage your sadness!!!
Do something that u like!!
And crazy if u want to..
Go and try to fight a dolphin in a swimming contest!!!
Or try trolling with others :33

Not crazy enough????
Then play hide and seek!!
Not a normal one :3
With this camouflage,u can easily scare kids at the park 8D
Interested now??
Not even close to crazy??
Then do what u wanna do..
Remember :)
Dun waste any of ur time..
It is precious :D
Use it wisely :)))
And also,don't think that they don't love u :)
Just that act as if it is a challenge game for u to play :D
Dun mad..
Chillax okay..
Now u can get a good night sleep :D
And tomorrow will be a great day again :)
With those that will adore u xD

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