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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Song That I Remembered For You :D

Yo yo yoo!!
Wazzupppp xDD
Some people will feel strange + weird + afraid when suddenly i smiled + bursts with laughter while hearing my mp3..
Of course at that time no one is making any jokes..
And surely i won't hear anything that they were saying that time..
U want to know why?
Really want to know why??
Really want to know ittt??
Eheheheh then i'll tell ya xD
It's simple :)
Because it remind me of u guys xD
Each song that i hear..
Especially in my mp3..
Really remind me of u guys :D
Hehe now..
Let me tell you da song that you represent :3
I mean if the song is rolling,i will remember u..

Mistletoe - Luke
"Pertama kali kita bertemu,Ku rasa jntungku seperti batu" - Naim n Jeme (err..cnt remember da title..)
Talking to The Moon - Jiji
Why Can't We Be Friends - Bahij
Awanano(is the spelling right?) - Aizat
Sexy And I Know It - Cha
Taylor Swift's songs - Bukhari
You Belong With Me - Syanim
Move Like Jagger - Alang
1234 - Dyah
Aishiteru - Khalida
I Do - Ju
"Ada seorang budak nama dia Mia.." - Mia (again,i dunno da title lllorz)
Sway - Izzatul, Ti n Piaa

Hehehehe :D
For those whom names are not written there..
Dun be mad :)
It's just dat i dun find ur song yet :D
Time will tell xD
So dun be afraid okay if i smile suddenly :D

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