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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Terima Kasih Guru

Mirwana - Terima Kasih Guru

Masih jelas di minda 
Bisikan suaramu memanggil
Di situ langkahku bermula
Mengejari cita
Kau di sisi....

Lantasku utuskan lagu 
Untuk menyatakan terima kasih
Terima kasih guru
Kerana hulurkan tanganmu
Ku menghargai setulus jiwaku

Bicaramu guru
Kan ku ingat selalu
Menjadi azimat hingga ke akhirnya 
Guru ibarat pelita 
Sentiasa menyinar kamar hidupku

Guru...Kau pewaris ilmu
Mendidik diriku 
Hingga ku berjaya...
Andai diberi peluang 
Inginku terbang tinggi di awangan

Kan kupetik bintang-bintang 
Ku jadikan hadiah untukmu
Moga Tuhan merahmatimu 
Terima kasih...

*I really love this song :) so i wanna share it with other :D appreciate ur teachers my dear :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just Saying..

Maybe I put too much trust on u..
Tq 4 crushing it :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soon :)

Soon :D
Will be the date..
The date that I will go somewhere :)
To clear up my mind..
And heal my precious soul..
Forever without you :)
Not even a little bother to me :)
Because I forgot..
My friends are still by my side :)
The day :DD
I just cant wait xD
Only a few person know where will I go :D
And when will it be the last to see my classmates :D
I mean ex classmates :D
I'll be missing them though..
Not all of them..
Just a few..
Not all were in my heart..
Only a few manage to get there :)
And stay in a special place..
I don't care..
I still love my family that I left in Kelantan :)
I hope I can find something for you guys :))
Just to see the smiles again :D
Soon :)
2 locations :)
And out..
Soon :))

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Just Curious

I'm just curious..
Yeah,will all sort of things..
And sometimes wondering what will others answer da question..
I'm still thinking..
But I don't think that I'll get the answer so soon..
Even if I search in Google..
I wanna hear it from each and one of u guys..
Because all of our opinions are different with one another :)
At least I won't hear the story from only one opinion :D
Some of u might just think that what am I doing now won't give any benefit to u :)
Like I care..
At least I will get the benefits :D
And I wont get confused anymore with things :D
That's enough for me :)
I'll play with my own tempo now :D
Even though it looks silly xD
Now,excuse me :)
There're more things I need to be curious about :D

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It Hurts

I smiled..
I smiled depressingly till da flowers cried..
Till da storm worsen..
Just because of that tiny feeling that I felt..

To be staying like that..
Smile to others..
As though the day is A okay..
Will just make it more hazardous..
As the storm worsen..

I'm glad it happened..
At least it taught me to be strong..
To be satisfied in life..
To expect the unexpected..
Just to walk through that road..
The road of madness..
The road of insanity,,
The road of blood..

Opening The Door

It's not like I dun love it..
Actually I do :)
My heart skips a beat..
Just to say 'I LOVE YOU'

The door is closed for some time :|
And it even left some scars in me :(
It hurts..
I dun deny it..
And I thought the day will never come..
For me to open it again :)
You r my savior :)
Met u during my hard time..
When I am full of hatred..
With such things..
U knocked it slowly..
Without u noticing it..
As I peeked a little..
U poked my eyes and widely open the door..
It is harsh :D
But I am kinda happy bout it :)
With my legs shaking..
I tried to reach up to ur hands..
To accept the warmness..
I will try my best..
Although my legs are trembling..
The scars are hurting..
And the heart that is aching..
Just to say the words..
That have the peaceful meaning..