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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Opening The Door

It's not like I dun love it..
Actually I do :)
My heart skips a beat..
Just to say 'I LOVE YOU'

The door is closed for some time :|
And it even left some scars in me :(
It hurts..
I dun deny it..
And I thought the day will never come..
For me to open it again :)
You r my savior :)
Met u during my hard time..
When I am full of hatred..
With such things..
U knocked it slowly..
Without u noticing it..
As I peeked a little..
U poked my eyes and widely open the door..
It is harsh :D
But I am kinda happy bout it :)
With my legs shaking..
I tried to reach up to ur hands..
To accept the warmness..
I will try my best..
Although my legs are trembling..
The scars are hurting..
And the heart that is aching..
Just to say the words..
That have the peaceful meaning..

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