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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soon :)

Soon :D
Will be the date..
The date that I will go somewhere :)
To clear up my mind..
And heal my precious soul..
Forever without you :)
Not even a little bother to me :)
Because I forgot..
My friends are still by my side :)
The day :DD
I just cant wait xD
Only a few person know where will I go :D
And when will it be the last to see my classmates :D
I mean ex classmates :D
I'll be missing them though..
Not all of them..
Just a few..
Not all were in my heart..
Only a few manage to get there :)
And stay in a special place..
I don't care..
I still love my family that I left in Kelantan :)
I hope I can find something for you guys :))
Just to see the smiles again :D
Soon :)
2 locations :)
And out..
Soon :))

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