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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Little Respect Please!

Peace Be Upon You All :D


When you see this picture..What are the things that u must do to them?

-Talk nicely to them

-Never raise your voice

-Always do their homework(eventhough just Copy And Paste xDDD)

Hehe but how about we just stress on one thing?

The one that I wanted to focus is about..




Those who taught you anything..

You must respect them!!!!!

I don't care whether your father is an ENGINEER, PILOT, CAPTAIN OF A CRUISE, PRIME MINISTER, OR EVEN A KING!!!!!

If you cant even give respect to the teachers, then WHO ARE U EXPECTING TO GIVE THE SAME THING TO U??!!!


Do you really have to step on the teacher's head??


To show that you are superior??

To attract attention????

Get lost mann!!!

Walk out the door silently so that you wont make other despise with your attitude in the class..


You are making others stress u know!!!!!


And now I'm calm to tell ya

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Edu Trip!!Pasir Linggi Maliii!! Day 1 !!!

Peace Be Upon You All xD

Yaww =D

Ehehehe just recently me,my classmates and our TESL 3 family went to an educational trip to the Orang Asli school + village near Pasir Linggi..

Err..wanna it to more detailed?U mean the place?

I think near Gua Musang...

Yeah2..Like dat..

Ehehehehe dat one that u see up there is the name of the school dat all of us family were going to stay dat time :3

Now..Wanna see more?

Then read this blog till da last words xD

Alright,all of us was gathered around 7..

It supposed to be at 6.30,but macam biasa lah..Kami bangun pun pukul 6.30 aahahahahhaa xD

That morning,all of us hasten ourselves to clean up and perform our Subuh prayer..

Laju suma dehhh!!

Then,we all gathered in front of the hostels near the Astaka for the first roll call and to check whether all of the items that we were going to bring there is in a perfect condition..

The preparation ish complete!!

This is when Sir Zul(our daddy ehehehe) is doing some simple briefing to us early in the morning.
There's our Daddy giving some simple briefing bout the program that we are going to face while at the Kampung Orang Asli there..

Hehe all of us then entered the bus,after some reciting of doa' by Jero and some short,really2 short briefing by  the Security Gangs..

Hehe all of us were mixed with feelings that were not easy to be explained with..

Some maybe afraid..

Some maybe nervous..

Some maybe happy..

And others more..

Wait,I told that it is hard to explain right?? =w=;;

Err forget that part..

Hah!Full of us are full of spirits that time!!

U can see with the look on our eyes!!

We all are..!





Wrong pic..

Hah!!This is more like it!!

See the happiness that were filled in our eyes that time!!

It's burning bebeh!!!!

But of course,before all of us were going to help ourselves with the activity that were held,we must fill in our tanks first right X3

So all of us stopped at the stall that seriously,and I really mean it..


Pergh..Glad my family once eat the Nasi Kerabu there..

So I really enjoyed the food there xD

Hehe this is the stall that is located at <name?>

And it is superb!!

Even the waiters there can carry almost 7 plates at once..


Haa,challenge them???

It's a pity that I din manage to take their pictures..

If not then I'll show ya the proof that I am not bluffing X3

Hehe this is the place that all of us ate our breakfast..

Delicious + Cheap = STOMACH FILLED

Hehe then again,we continued our journey to the school..

But we stopped at the gas station so do some pee pee n poo poo..

You get the point right?

After all of us arrived at the first checkpoint,we need to take a lorry to get to the school..

It's all because of the road =w=*

Yeah3..So we waited for the lorry at the nearby stall..

A briefing by Keshinee..I think..

Hehe some of us drank cold2 water that they had ordered..


Hehe some of us even posing to take some pictures xD 

Better not upload it here =w=;;

I just cant..Only one picture okay :3

Naim,The Guard X3

Hehe then the lorry arrived..

So all of us need to take a ride on it..


My group is taking the second trip because the first one is those who were going to clean the house :3

The Hygenic
Hehe so the camera were given to Rojik for the documentation there :)

Hehehehe enjoying the breeze guys?

And I 'borrowed' Yana's camera for taking pictures :3


Hehe we all packed to ride the lorry and almost cannot sit aahahahhaa xD

But we enjoyed the trip :3


See :3 I'm not bluffing ehehehehe..

We also made a news-like-video about the road there :3

Enjoy xD But in Malay hehhee..

Damn I cannot upload it
Never mind..

Forget about it for a while..

Hehhee now..

After we arrived there,we saw the girls were busy cleaning the house that they are gonna live in..

Hehe the sisters that are so determined when doing their work xD


So after a short rest,all of us began to start our main project : THE SS INTERVIEWING!!

Jeng jeng jengg..

We went to the Orang Asli Village for some interviewing and with the simple explanation by the bro there(sorry,cnt remember ya name),we went for our journey...

Grouping with Bahij,Syanim.Qaiyah and Dya
Hehe we went to one of the houses and started to interview the residents there..

Interview with Pok Jak
Hehe nasib baik lahh Bahij terer kecek klate n pndai amik hati ore lain..

If not,I dunno what else we were going to say aahahahhaha xD

So he told us everything bout his life..


Kami x sempat nk tnya sal SS tu llllOTL

But seriously,the kids there are kinda shy when we approach them..

But glad with the ability to capture some pictures.taraa!!

One of Pok Jak's granddaughter
Hehehe then I can see Dyah taking pictures with them..

And I cannot imagine that they will be that cute xD

Including Dyah also of course..

Hahaha so we glad that all of us can take the pictures together =)

Then after that,we went back to the school and do some activities with the children there..

And this time I was really surprised to see how Luke handles the program..

Seriously he looks like a facilitator at that time xD

Hehe he really did handle the kids perfectly..

He have that talent u know :3

Hehe and at least all of us enjoyed that time even though some of the facilitators cheated -w-

Hey,Sir Zul also helped us a lot xDDD

U can see how close he is to the loudhailer..

Aaahahahhaha xD

Others too give a really big hand to help us :)

Naim and the gang

Dya,Jiji,Syanim n Buvana

Athirah n Intan

Nini and the gang :3

I just cannot let myself miss the opportunity to take some too ;3

Eeehehehhe XD

Syes gambar aq tetb xdak wktu aktvt =w=;;

That night all of us rehearse for the sing-a-long xDD

And that's all for day one :)

See ya soon at day 2..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freely Living..

Peace Be Upon You All..

Hehe wondered why I posted this post?

I just wanted to say what am I thinking about something..

The thing that made me go crazy all the time..



Still not clear enough?

Then just scroll up there again :)

Seriously..I'm starting to hate that thing..

No2..Not "starting" but already started!!

Pity to those who were waiting..


Seriously.. *headdesk*

Those who were waiting,sorry..

I just wanna live by following my own path n not restricted with anything..

Girl,I know that you understand what am I talking about here..

There's something that u said back then that really2 hurts me a lot..

And it really broke it..

Yeah..Still does till today dear..

Hating you bout dat..

Hope you like it..

Because I really do..

"Yeah right"

The one that you broke..

Now belongs to another person..

Even though I still dunno who is going to hold it..

Maybe she will be my wife..

Yup..My wife..

And this time,no more couple for me..

Will see the incident as my guidance to not to be one of it..


You would not find one that is not as better as me..

But you will find one that will be MUCH MORE BETTER THAN ME!

Girl..Don't argue with me about this..

You know my answer bout this..

So thank you..

Yes I did it..It is all because of you..


p/s:Take it slowly..


Peace Be Upon You All..

Hehe hello there..

Fuu..Broadband is really making me berserk because of the slowness that kills me from the start..

I can't even update the avast antivirus =w=**



Short update?

Yeah =)

Will go to library to on9 after this =w=*

Peace Be Upon You All =)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Just Say What I Wanted To

Peace Be Upon You All =)


Hey,it is kinda weird when I post something,neither in my FB,or even in my blog..

People will ask something like this,

"Hey,r u mad with someone???"

"Who's da lucky girl???"

"U ok???"

Grr..Hey...I can post anything right..

And at least I wanna share something because Fb is keep on asking,

"What's on your mind?"

So I post what IS on my mind brother!!

I'm not mad..Just a little frustrated because it is like I am being a hypocrite to myself u know if I keep on pretending..

Showing the true self is much better than using a MASK all along..

See this guy?Even though the mask shows that he's smiling,but..


Maybe he's frowning right now..


So why must we wear a mask?




Open up your hideous mask!!!

Be yourself!!!!

I don't care if you want to be yourself!!!

Because,Life Is Short..Why Must We Pretend To Be Other??

Just say what you wanted to say,unless you are hurting someone..

Just do what you wanted to do,unless you are hurting someone..

Just take a picture that you wanted to,unless you are hurting someone..

Be yourself..

Just like NIKE said..

So..What Are you waiting for??

Go out there n be yourself!! =D

Hehe last words :)