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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Just Say What I Wanted To

Peace Be Upon You All =)


Hey,it is kinda weird when I post something,neither in my FB,or even in my blog..

People will ask something like this,

"Hey,r u mad with someone???"

"Who's da lucky girl???"

"U ok???"

Grr..Hey...I can post anything right..

And at least I wanna share something because Fb is keep on asking,

"What's on your mind?"

So I post what IS on my mind brother!!

I'm not mad..Just a little frustrated because it is like I am being a hypocrite to myself u know if I keep on pretending..

Showing the true self is much better than using a MASK all along..

See this guy?Even though the mask shows that he's smiling,but..


Maybe he's frowning right now..


So why must we wear a mask?




Open up your hideous mask!!!

Be yourself!!!!

I don't care if you want to be yourself!!!

Because,Life Is Short..Why Must We Pretend To Be Other??

Just say what you wanted to say,unless you are hurting someone..

Just do what you wanted to do,unless you are hurting someone..

Just take a picture that you wanted to,unless you are hurting someone..

Be yourself..

Just like NIKE said..

So..What Are you waiting for??

Go out there n be yourself!! =D

Hehe last words :)

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Haruzato said...

Cool words as ever bro...