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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freely Living..

Peace Be Upon You All..

Hehe wondered why I posted this post?

I just wanted to say what am I thinking about something..

The thing that made me go crazy all the time..



Still not clear enough?

Then just scroll up there again :)

Seriously..I'm starting to hate that thing..

No2..Not "starting" but already started!!

Pity to those who were waiting..


Seriously.. *headdesk*

Those who were waiting,sorry..

I just wanna live by following my own path n not restricted with anything..

Girl,I know that you understand what am I talking about here..

There's something that u said back then that really2 hurts me a lot..

And it really broke it..

Yeah..Still does till today dear..

Hating you bout dat..

Hope you like it..

Because I really do..

"Yeah right"

The one that you broke..

Now belongs to another person..

Even though I still dunno who is going to hold it..

Maybe she will be my wife..

Yup..My wife..

And this time,no more couple for me..

Will see the incident as my guidance to not to be one of it..


You would not find one that is not as better as me..

But you will find one that will be MUCH MORE BETTER THAN ME!

Girl..Don't argue with me about this..

You know my answer bout this..

So thank you..

Yes I did it..It is all because of you..


p/s:Take it slowly..

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