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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Medical Checkup 8D

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yo,how's life?Great?Nice one!!Sad?Don't worry,it will become better eventually >w<//

Hehe I had taken my FIRST medical checkup today =DD Yay!!Kinda happy!


I had to go with one of my dad's friend since my mom won't go with me lllOTL I wanna go with my mom!!! Q[]Q

Early in the morning,my mom wakes me up..Uhhh..It was really hard to get up even though i have to perform my Subuh prayer..Aii..Why suddenly I became lazy today???

After some breakfast and finished the unfinished chores,my dad's friend came..

We headed to Tapah's Hospital because at Teluk Intan's,we must wait longer than usual thehehe and also,my dad's friend's dad is there(quite confusing =w=;;)

He was talking and talking..I'm the person who rather be quiet so my head was giving me quite a hit when he started talking..Uhh so I was SOOOOO relieved when we already arrived at the hospital..

We headed straight to the counter...Told the person behind the counter that we wanted to take a medical checkup for entering the maktab..Then she said,


=w=lll quiet simple but I love it..At least I don't need to talk much..Then she suddenly said,

You must pay RM80 for the urine test..Not many people do the test so thats why you must pay =) (Translated to english)

I was like 'Err,okay'..Glad I bought some money with me so I quickly paid it..

We waited..And waited...And waited...

Then the nurse called upon us(urr me actually) =D

She measure my height,weight and blood pressure =D

Okay,its all in good condition..And I gained 1cm + 2 kilos!! 8DDD

Hehe then some urine test..


I tried..But it wont come out...

So we skip one procedure and went to the next checkpoint,the eye test 8D

But the nurse told us to go for the X-Ray first =w=

So we headed to the X-Ray room..Hey,the bros there kinda friendly..I went inside the room and were told to take off my shirt..Kinda nervous because it's my first time =D Then the bro said,

Take a deep breath and hold it..

=w=;; I didn't manage to take a deep breath because when I was GOING to do it,the bro said,


I went out of the room =w=* Kinda frustrated...

Then the eye test..Bla bla bla..Just read some numbers and alphabets from a distance..But I miss some llllOTL

Ha3 xDDD

Alhamdulillah,after that,the urine test went good..We visited my dad's friend's dad to take some medicine for my dad..Urr I'm spinning with all the 'dads'..While in the doctor's room,his dad suddenly said something regarding drugs..I'm kinda afraid if they said they had sfind some in my urine because I DON'T TAKE DRUGS!!!Then one of the pakcik came near me and said that if I smoked,its better I drink some coconut water..Hehe 8D tips,drink coconut water if you are a smoker 8DD

So thats it..I just wanna share some of my experience about my first med checkup =D Nothing much hehehehe..

So,thats all for now =) Till next time >w<)//

Peace Be Upon You =D

Yeah,I don't take the blood test :3 hehehehe

p/s: Have a nice day =D Smile!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Perpisahan Bermula? QwO

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Hehe macam mana korg?Sihat?Harap2 macam tu la kan =D Tambah2 yang dapat tawaran pi mana2 tu =)

Hehe sedar tak sedar,semua kawan2 kat sebelah kita dulu dah mula amik jalan masing2 kan?

Kawan yang dulu kita..

Senyum Bila Happy,

Monyok Bila Sedih,

Yang Suka Sangat Kacau Kita,

Yang Bergaduh Habis2 Dengan Kita Tapi Baik Balik =D

Hehe memang normal kan dalam hidup..

Semua benda tak kekal =)


Sampai la NYAWA,

Hehe tapi tu semua lumrah hidup ka?So jangan sedih =)


Kalau kita berusaha untuk kekalkan hubungan tu sampai bila2,InsyaAllah,Allah akan tolong kita =D


Jangan la sedih sebab kalau ada rezeki,semua kawan2 tu kita akan jump balik =) Cuma tunggu masa ja kan? OwO

Hehe yang paling penting,kita kena teruskan jugak hidup ni =)

Kita sedih la lama mana pun,marah la lama pun or even kecewa la mana pun =)

Tak ada apa yang akan berubah,kan?

Hehe secara jujur,sekarang memang aku tengah rasa sedih..

Kawan2 semua da gerak study =)

Rasa macam aku ni jeryang tinggal hehe lllOTL

Takpe,I'll follow u guys later InsyaAllah =D Just wait my brothers and sisters!!!


Peace Be Upon You All

p/s:Semoga hari2 korang ceria selalu =D Senyummmmm xDDDD

p/s: I'M NOT CRYING!!! ='D

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Peace Be Upon You All =D

Hehe Alhamdulillah I got maktab for the result in UPU 8DDD


I'm so happy about this 8D

I got at Kota Bahru,Kelantan =D

Hehe wait for me!!! 8DDD

Peace Be Upon You All =D

p/s:Smile xDDD

Vroom Vrooming 8DDDD

Peace Be Upon You All (OwO)b


Today is really a great day for me nyuuuu >///3///<)~Me drove a car to Teluk Intan 8D Thnx to my fwen for letting me drove da car 8D Tanky Nabila!!!!Hehe not to forget Nordin 8D the 'unlicensed JPJ' beside me giving some instructions 8DD thehehehehe..

Ok2,the story actually started like this..

This morning,while I was sleeping like a baby(yeah right),suddenly I heard my phone ringing..I was thinking like,

"Who the hell is calling me early morning(??) like this??"

I answered..Lahh,from Nordin..He asked me to join him n Nabila(THEY ARE NOT COUPLES!!) go to Teluk Intan for registering at Pejabat Agama for something that I don't really remember =w=;;; I can't make the decision yet coz Nabila didn't ask me,so I asked her myself 8DDD

"nab2,nk ikut 8D" I texted..Thehehehe...

Then she just replied,


O//w//O)~ fuh,me body was filled by adrenalines back there when I saw the answer >8D

I also wanted to go to Teluk Intan for changing my anime DVD =w=* And,she's driving it! 8D This is the first time me and Nordin is going with her by a CAR!!!

Hehe so I quickly took my bath and everything,and waiting for Nordin to come to my house because Nab's going to take us from there 8D

Alright,after he came and we waited for Nabila,she appeared OwO

Then,suddenly,the car kinda lompat2 while she's using the brakes!

That one scares Nordin =w=;; So Nordin drove the whole way to Teluk Intan 8D

In the car,we chatted,n bla bla bla..Skip!

When we arrived at the Pejabat Agama,me and Nordin headed first to the office while Nabila were taking her things inside the car..

Then I just realized,we were like a family =w=;; I'm the oldest,Nordin the second,and Nabila's the youngest..Following the date of birth of course =) Ha3

After finishing the thing that wanted to be settled,we went to a stall to eat some..Urr,I was really hungry that time..Starving!!!

Hehe,I ate some rice,both of them ate Kuew Teow Sup(I spelled it correctly?)...

Then,after we were all recharged,we went to Complex Aik Aik..Nabila wanna visit the cellphone store and I need to change my DVD =w=*



Its my turn to drive! 8D

Kinda scary because that was my first time to drove a car without the instructor beside me =)

Hey,I drove pretty well! 8D

But both of them were shivering that time OwO)b

Don't really know what happened to them =w=)~

So weird lah...

Hehe OwO)~ I really enjoyed my day today >//3//<)~ So many good things happened 8D

Some of you maybe thinking that,

"You are excited because driving a car??Please!!"

Hehe yes I'm excited =D Because this is the first time I drove them with my friends =DDDDDD

Hehe thats all for todays post =D

InsyaAllah I will update it for the short time being(IF I got any stories to tell ya >w<)// )

Peace Be Upon You All 8D

p/s:Have a nice day =D Smile ^[]^)99

Monday, May 16, 2011


Peace Be To You All =D

Hehe today,me and da immigration gang went to Bukit Bendera Penang!! 8DDD Fuu,I'm so excited that time 8D

Lemme give some brief..

OwO)b when on the bus

OwO)b when otw to Penang

OwO)b when arrived

--w--)q when hiking

--w--)q when nearly collapse during hiking

--w--)q when eating nasi kandar

Simply just like that :3

Now the details =D

We gathered at the office almost 7 o'clock in da morning =) Yes,i woke up early in the morning...Why??You don't believe??I'm a different person now :3 fufufufu After some briefing by my dad,pakcik Amin n uhh a pakcik that i dun really remember his name,all of us get on the bus..

Actually,my 2nd bro wanna come,but he cancelled it last minute... lllOTL

Hehe we were given some bread and a bottle of mineral water for breakfast =) Simple,but can make me full enough 8D Thehehehe

Uhh on the bus..I..I....I..I just slept until we arrived Penang lllOTL

Hehe when all of us arrived at Bukit Bintang,we did some stretching..Y?Duh,of course we must do it,if not,we'll get muscle cramp so easily (--w--;;) Yush,me took some good pictures(of us,and not only focused on da beautiful sis that followed da trip 8D,I'm telling da truth!!)

I saw some bros buying water...Cold...Wateeerrrrssssss!!!I dunno but my leg won't move to da shop... =w=;;

Alright,when all of us were read,we MOVE ON!!!!YEAHHH *[]*)99

With da will on fire!!We hiked!!!

0.1 meters!!

0.2 meters!

0.3 meters...


Damn I was tired lllOTL

The hill was so steep!!!My leg already wanna cramp!!!(even though just now we warmed up) So me and some bros n sis rest 4 a while at the rest stop... lllOTL

Okay,not 4 a while,a lllooonnnngggg time!!

When my energy were regenerated again,I continue my quest..






Then I need some rest again llOTL even though every meter I walked I stopped 4 a rest..This time,my spirit were crushed..I can't make it... Q[]Q

I went down..To the rest stop at 0.4...




Then I just realized that pkcik Awewas at 0.9 just now,resting =w=;;

I got pumped up(again) and continued...

Fuu,this time,I went a long way 8D

While at 1. something,its raining heavily!!But it didn't stopped me!!I faced it bravely 8DD


Then a group of monkeys were having a nap on the road =w=;;;


I stopped Q[]Q And stared at them 4 a while..I dun wanna move near to them because kinda afraid they would attack me Q[]Q

Then suddenly a uncle passes by...

He walk by the monkeys with a steady face..I was like.."Uih,this uncle walked pass them with the hey-look-at-me-isn't-it-cool?"

Fuh!I collected some courage and walk pass through them..And..I'm alive!! QwQ!!

Then..Walk again..Again..And again...

Until 3.1...

"A little more!!" I said to myself...

Then..A familiar voice were heard...


All of them(da bros and sis that were far far away ahead me) already coming down from the top lllOTL

I was told that all of them were going down as well...

My effort was in vein llllOTL

With full of disappointment I followed them down...

But..Dun really care because da sis is with us :3 (I'm not a pervert!!!)

Hehe when we all arrived and headed to the bus,I saw them were eating some 'rojak'...Urr I'm kinda starved that time...But its kinda funny to see them eating =) One Malaysia =D Indian bros also joined and eat it 8D Thehehehe So i went to buy some..Damn its expensive..Even a 500ml 100plus is RM 2.50....But..Who cares if you were in a tight situation??I bought 2 'rojak' and gave one to the bros that helped me when my feet were cramped...Ha3!!Then all of the bros there 'attacked' the food that were given to him ha3! 8DD

Hehe then,after all of us gathered,we went to the surau nearby to perform our solat...


Hehe we went to Nasi Kandar Line Clear near Mydin...Uhh need to line up in a loooonnnggg line...So famous that stall =w=;;

I dun really care coz its my favorite food 8D

But what I really do care is..Its not so good lllOTL

No more comments about that...

After eating,we bought some souvenirs to bring back home..And I din buy anything lllOTL I dunno what to buy Q[]Q;;

Hehe then..All of us headed to the bus and sleep all the way to Langkap again =)

Kinda lovely you know this experience =D I dunno why,buy I love it =)

That's all folks for this post =D Till next time!

Peace Be Upon You All =D

p/s:Have a nice day =D And don't forget to smile =D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!! \(^///[]///^)/

Peace Be Upon You All =)

Hey =D Its already 8th of May =D You know what?Its already Mothers Day =)))))

Hehe Mother's Day..

Urr you don't know?

Its a day we celebrate our mom's effort for all the things that she had done to us all these days =D

Urr is da statement true?

Ok2,just to make it simple,its a day for you to give something special to your mom(or something like that ) OwO

Urr I still don't know if the statement is correct..

Hehe to be simple(more),we celebrate our moms today =D

Yeah,dats kinda like it (--w--)

Some of my friends show their appreciation by cooking something to their mother (O////////O) Fuu,and it really looks tasty yumm =D

And some show it by buying something special to their mothers =) Like a flower,chocolate,aprons, and others =)

It doesn't matter what you buy or you do,what really important is that you are sincere in doing it =) Do or give something that have your heart in it =D

Err I don't really mean give your heart ok?Ha3 =D

Hehe make your mother happy today =D

Make something that your mom loves ^w^

Hehe =)

For those that their mothers is somewhere else,don't be sad because you can't celebrate it =) You can still call them or pray for them =) So don't be sad =) There's a lot of things you can do =) Think about it =))

Hehe I'm sorry for the late update =) Its already night,ha3 sorry =D

Hehe anyway,enjoy this day with your mom ok? =)

Take care you all (^[]^)//

p/s:Have a nice day =D Smile always ^w^

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Disappointed,Sadness,Happiness And A Lot Of Frustration

Hello,Assalamualaikum,Selamat Sejahtera dan macam2 lagi =)

Urhh,kecewa sikit lah hari ni..Apa yang diharap tak menjadi..Tak apalah..Tiada rezeki kan ^^


Hee hari ni result untuk UPU keluar..Ok,memang la tak sabar2 kan =) Sampai boleh tersalah time untuk tengok result tu..Ingatkan pukul 12 tengah malam,rupa2nya 12 tengahari esoknya..

Hee memang la semua cuak kan =) Takut tak dapat..Erm,tapi ada yang macam happy ja =w=;;

Nak pendekkan cerita,sharp pukul 12 tengahari da terpacak kat depan laptop ni sebab nak tengok result tu ha3..



Server busy sangat kot sebab tak dapat nak bukak ha3...


Bila dah dapat bukak,hehe bukan main seronok lagi..

Taip dengan penuh semangat..


Hehehe tekan2 jer enter..

"Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa anda TIDAK BERJAYA 
dalam permohonan kemasukan ke IPTA bagi Sesi Akademik 2011/2012"


Kecewa habis..Ha3..Ingat dapat..Terus rosak mood untuk hari tu..

Takpe2,share dulu link tu kat wall fb,senang yang lain nak tengok kn? ^w^

Hehe lepas tu,tolong lah pulak kawan2 yang lain check untuk diorang..

Ada yang dapat...


Ada yang tak dapat..

Takpelah..Takde rezeki..Hope maktab n UITM boleh support..

Hehe doa sangat2..

Sedih2 pun petang tu gerak g cc main game..Saja lepas gian hehehe..


Yang dapat tu tahniah..

Yang tak dapat tu jangan sedih ok =)

There will be good things for you in the future..


Don't stop searching for it =)


You will find it =D


Don't be sad anymore =)

Cheer up a little =)

So,until next time..Taa ^[]^)77

p/s:Have you all smiled today?Have a happy day =D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dilemma Form 6??? OAOlll

Ha3 sedar x sdr da bulan 5..Mana la tak cuak kan..Result UPU dan lain2 dah nk kelar time2 macam ni..Adess..Sekarang memang sure dalam dilema nak pilih yang mana satu..

Baru2 ni aku n friends(macam Barney and Friends la plak =w=lll) check la kot2 dapat form 6..


Memang dapat..Ramai pulak tu..Tapi yang aku sure budak2 Dato' Sagor ramai dapat Horley Methodist la sebab aku yang check untuk diorang..


Diorang kata form 6 susah sebab memang kena struggle gila2...Erm..Ni yang buat hilang semangat ni..Takpe lahh..Chill first..

"Banyaklah kau punya chill.."

"Err k3"

Kalau korang taknak form 6,kalau tak silap aku 7/5 ni keluaq result UPU..So banyak2 doa lah supaya dapat..Bukan korang jer yang taknak form 6...Hehehehe..

Tak kisah la apa keputusan korang..Yang pasti,pilih yang terbaik untuk diri korang..So,ambil masa nak fikir elok2 ok?

Kau masih blur nak pilih,apa kata kalau korang minta tolong pada Dia =) Banyak2 la doa supaya dia bagi petunjuk untuk korang pilih yang mana satu..Dan jangan risau,Dia pasti pilih yang terbaik untuk korang =)

Untuk yang dapat PLKN,I wish you all good luck ok?Enjoy and take care of yourself there O[]O)77

p/s:Have a happy day =))