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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Medical Checkup 8D

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yo,how's life?Great?Nice one!!Sad?Don't worry,it will become better eventually >w<//

Hehe I had taken my FIRST medical checkup today =DD Yay!!Kinda happy!


I had to go with one of my dad's friend since my mom won't go with me lllOTL I wanna go with my mom!!! Q[]Q

Early in the morning,my mom wakes me up..Uhhh..It was really hard to get up even though i have to perform my Subuh prayer..Aii..Why suddenly I became lazy today???

After some breakfast and finished the unfinished chores,my dad's friend came..

We headed to Tapah's Hospital because at Teluk Intan's,we must wait longer than usual thehehe and also,my dad's friend's dad is there(quite confusing =w=;;)

He was talking and talking..I'm the person who rather be quiet so my head was giving me quite a hit when he started talking..Uhh so I was SOOOOO relieved when we already arrived at the hospital..

We headed straight to the counter...Told the person behind the counter that we wanted to take a medical checkup for entering the maktab..Then she said,


=w=lll quiet simple but I love it..At least I don't need to talk much..Then she suddenly said,

You must pay RM80 for the urine test..Not many people do the test so thats why you must pay =) (Translated to english)

I was like 'Err,okay'..Glad I bought some money with me so I quickly paid it..

We waited..And waited...And waited...

Then the nurse called upon us(urr me actually) =D

She measure my height,weight and blood pressure =D

Okay,its all in good condition..And I gained 1cm + 2 kilos!! 8DDD

Hehe then some urine test..


I tried..But it wont come out...

So we skip one procedure and went to the next checkpoint,the eye test 8D

But the nurse told us to go for the X-Ray first =w=

So we headed to the X-Ray room..Hey,the bros there kinda friendly..I went inside the room and were told to take off my shirt..Kinda nervous because it's my first time =D Then the bro said,

Take a deep breath and hold it..

=w=;; I didn't manage to take a deep breath because when I was GOING to do it,the bro said,


I went out of the room =w=* Kinda frustrated...

Then the eye test..Bla bla bla..Just read some numbers and alphabets from a distance..But I miss some llllOTL

Ha3 xDDD

Alhamdulillah,after that,the urine test went good..We visited my dad's friend's dad to take some medicine for my dad..Urr I'm spinning with all the 'dads'..While in the doctor's room,his dad suddenly said something regarding drugs..I'm kinda afraid if they said they had sfind some in my urine because I DON'T TAKE DRUGS!!!Then one of the pakcik came near me and said that if I smoked,its better I drink some coconut water..Hehe 8D tips,drink coconut water if you are a smoker 8DD

So thats it..I just wanna share some of my experience about my first med checkup =D Nothing much hehehehe..

So,thats all for now =) Till next time >w<)//

Peace Be Upon You =D

Yeah,I don't take the blood test :3 hehehehe

p/s: Have a nice day =D Smile!!

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