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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vroom Vrooming 8DDDD

Peace Be Upon You All (OwO)b


Today is really a great day for me nyuuuu >///3///<)~Me drove a car to Teluk Intan 8D Thnx to my fwen for letting me drove da car 8D Tanky Nabila!!!!Hehe not to forget Nordin 8D the 'unlicensed JPJ' beside me giving some instructions 8DD thehehehehe..

Ok2,the story actually started like this..

This morning,while I was sleeping like a baby(yeah right),suddenly I heard my phone ringing..I was thinking like,

"Who the hell is calling me early morning(??) like this??"

I answered..Lahh,from Nordin..He asked me to join him n Nabila(THEY ARE NOT COUPLES!!) go to Teluk Intan for registering at Pejabat Agama for something that I don't really remember =w=;;; I can't make the decision yet coz Nabila didn't ask me,so I asked her myself 8DDD

"nab2,nk ikut 8D" I texted..Thehehehe...

Then she just replied,


O//w//O)~ fuh,me body was filled by adrenalines back there when I saw the answer >8D

I also wanted to go to Teluk Intan for changing my anime DVD =w=* And,she's driving it! 8D This is the first time me and Nordin is going with her by a CAR!!!

Hehe so I quickly took my bath and everything,and waiting for Nordin to come to my house because Nab's going to take us from there 8D

Alright,after he came and we waited for Nabila,she appeared OwO

Then,suddenly,the car kinda lompat2 while she's using the brakes!

That one scares Nordin =w=;; So Nordin drove the whole way to Teluk Intan 8D

In the car,we chatted,n bla bla bla..Skip!

When we arrived at the Pejabat Agama,me and Nordin headed first to the office while Nabila were taking her things inside the car..

Then I just realized,we were like a family =w=;; I'm the oldest,Nordin the second,and Nabila's the youngest..Following the date of birth of course =) Ha3

After finishing the thing that wanted to be settled,we went to a stall to eat some..Urr,I was really hungry that time..Starving!!!

Hehe,I ate some rice,both of them ate Kuew Teow Sup(I spelled it correctly?)...

Then,after we were all recharged,we went to Complex Aik Aik..Nabila wanna visit the cellphone store and I need to change my DVD =w=*



Its my turn to drive! 8D

Kinda scary because that was my first time to drove a car without the instructor beside me =)

Hey,I drove pretty well! 8D

But both of them were shivering that time OwO)b

Don't really know what happened to them =w=)~

So weird lah...

Hehe OwO)~ I really enjoyed my day today >//3//<)~ So many good things happened 8D

Some of you maybe thinking that,

"You are excited because driving a car??Please!!"

Hehe yes I'm excited =D Because this is the first time I drove them with my friends =DDDDDD

Hehe thats all for todays post =D

InsyaAllah I will update it for the short time being(IF I got any stories to tell ya >w<)// )

Peace Be Upon You All 8D

p/s:Have a nice day =D Smile ^[]^)99

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