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Monday, May 16, 2011


Peace Be To You All =D

Hehe today,me and da immigration gang went to Bukit Bendera Penang!! 8DDD Fuu,I'm so excited that time 8D

Lemme give some brief..

OwO)b when on the bus

OwO)b when otw to Penang

OwO)b when arrived

--w--)q when hiking

--w--)q when nearly collapse during hiking

--w--)q when eating nasi kandar

Simply just like that :3

Now the details =D

We gathered at the office almost 7 o'clock in da morning =) Yes,i woke up early in the morning...Why??You don't believe??I'm a different person now :3 fufufufu After some briefing by my dad,pakcik Amin n uhh a pakcik that i dun really remember his name,all of us get on the bus..

Actually,my 2nd bro wanna come,but he cancelled it last minute... lllOTL

Hehe we were given some bread and a bottle of mineral water for breakfast =) Simple,but can make me full enough 8D Thehehehe

Uhh on the bus..I..I....I..I just slept until we arrived Penang lllOTL

Hehe when all of us arrived at Bukit Bintang,we did some stretching..Y?Duh,of course we must do it,if not,we'll get muscle cramp so easily (--w--;;) Yush,me took some good pictures(of us,and not only focused on da beautiful sis that followed da trip 8D,I'm telling da truth!!)

I saw some bros buying water...Cold...Wateeerrrrssssss!!!I dunno but my leg won't move to da shop... =w=;;

Alright,when all of us were read,we MOVE ON!!!!YEAHHH *[]*)99

With da will on fire!!We hiked!!!

0.1 meters!!

0.2 meters!

0.3 meters...


Damn I was tired lllOTL

The hill was so steep!!!My leg already wanna cramp!!!(even though just now we warmed up) So me and some bros n sis rest 4 a while at the rest stop... lllOTL

Okay,not 4 a while,a lllooonnnngggg time!!

When my energy were regenerated again,I continue my quest..






Then I need some rest again llOTL even though every meter I walked I stopped 4 a rest..This time,my spirit were crushed..I can't make it... Q[]Q

I went down..To the rest stop at 0.4...




Then I just realized that pkcik Awewas at 0.9 just now,resting =w=;;

I got pumped up(again) and continued...

Fuu,this time,I went a long way 8D

While at 1. something,its raining heavily!!But it didn't stopped me!!I faced it bravely 8DD


Then a group of monkeys were having a nap on the road =w=;;;


I stopped Q[]Q And stared at them 4 a while..I dun wanna move near to them because kinda afraid they would attack me Q[]Q

Then suddenly a uncle passes by...

He walk by the monkeys with a steady face..I was like.."Uih,this uncle walked pass them with the hey-look-at-me-isn't-it-cool?"

Fuh!I collected some courage and walk pass through them..And..I'm alive!! QwQ!!

Then..Walk again..Again..And again...

Until 3.1...

"A little more!!" I said to myself...

Then..A familiar voice were heard...


All of them(da bros and sis that were far far away ahead me) already coming down from the top lllOTL

I was told that all of them were going down as well...

My effort was in vein llllOTL

With full of disappointment I followed them down...

But..Dun really care because da sis is with us :3 (I'm not a pervert!!!)

Hehe when we all arrived and headed to the bus,I saw them were eating some 'rojak'...Urr I'm kinda starved that time...But its kinda funny to see them eating =) One Malaysia =D Indian bros also joined and eat it 8D Thehehehe So i went to buy some..Damn its expensive..Even a 500ml 100plus is RM 2.50....But..Who cares if you were in a tight situation??I bought 2 'rojak' and gave one to the bros that helped me when my feet were cramped...Ha3!!Then all of the bros there 'attacked' the food that were given to him ha3! 8DD

Hehe then,after all of us gathered,we went to the surau nearby to perform our solat...


Hehe we went to Nasi Kandar Line Clear near Mydin...Uhh need to line up in a loooonnnggg line...So famous that stall =w=;;

I dun really care coz its my favorite food 8D

But what I really do care is..Its not so good lllOTL

No more comments about that...

After eating,we bought some souvenirs to bring back home..And I din buy anything lllOTL I dunno what to buy Q[]Q;;

Hehe then..All of us headed to the bus and sleep all the way to Langkap again =)

Kinda lovely you know this experience =D I dunno why,buy I love it =)

That's all folks for this post =D Till next time!

Peace Be Upon You All =D

p/s:Have a nice day =D And don't forget to smile =D

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