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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!! \(^///[]///^)/

Peace Be Upon You All =)

Hey =D Its already 8th of May =D You know what?Its already Mothers Day =)))))

Hehe Mother's Day..

Urr you don't know?

Its a day we celebrate our mom's effort for all the things that she had done to us all these days =D

Urr is da statement true?

Ok2,just to make it simple,its a day for you to give something special to your mom(or something like that ) OwO

Urr I still don't know if the statement is correct..

Hehe to be simple(more),we celebrate our moms today =D

Yeah,dats kinda like it (--w--)

Some of my friends show their appreciation by cooking something to their mother (O////////O) Fuu,and it really looks tasty yumm =D

And some show it by buying something special to their mothers =) Like a flower,chocolate,aprons, and others =)

It doesn't matter what you buy or you do,what really important is that you are sincere in doing it =) Do or give something that have your heart in it =D

Err I don't really mean give your heart ok?Ha3 =D

Hehe make your mother happy today =D

Make something that your mom loves ^w^

Hehe =)

For those that their mothers is somewhere else,don't be sad because you can't celebrate it =) You can still call them or pray for them =) So don't be sad =) There's a lot of things you can do =) Think about it =))

Hehe I'm sorry for the late update =) Its already night,ha3 sorry =D

Hehe anyway,enjoy this day with your mom ok? =)

Take care you all (^[]^)//

p/s:Have a nice day =D Smile always ^w^

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