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Friday, June 3, 2011

(|-~O3O)~ Fuu Fuu New MP3 xDDDD

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yo =D Its really been a while since I updated the blog =w=;; Ahahahaha,I'm kinda sorry for it =D

Ok3,as the title tells ya,I got a new MP3 xDD Theheheh tankies to my mama n abah muahahaha!!

Hehe just now me,mama n along went to JJ at Ipoh..Actually,we wanted to watch the latest movie,The Pirates Of The Carribean(<--I spell it right?) but we ran out of luck..All the tickets were sold..The only ones left were the midnight's..

So we proceed to the next store,Sony for buying my Mp3 8DD Actually I wanted a tablet..But to think about it,I don't really need it..Because surely I will be busy studying...And maybe I wont have time to draw...So thats why I choose Mp3...

I cant sleep without hearing any songs(at home I usually hear my radio making noise xDD) so Mp3 could do it :3

While choosing,I saw a Mp4..But for some reasons and traumas =w=;; I pass...

Hehe the one that I choose were blue in color..Black was nice too but its kinda hard to find it if it was lost in the dark =w=;;

Hehe I really hope that I can post some pictures here..Uhh..

Alright,thats all for now =D

Peace Be Upon You All xDDD

p/s:Have a nice day and smile always =D
p/p/s:Regretted that I din bought the 4gb Mp4 lllOTL

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