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Friday, June 24, 2011

Life In Maktab =) #1

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yawww,hehehe alhamdulillah =D All the things that needed to be done during the registration had already been done xDD Yooo ahahahahaha

For the first day is kinda messy day =) Usually my mom helped me(a lot) about registration of everything,but this time,I need to do it by myself =D And urgh..Its really confusing because so many things I need to recall when searching the forms..Ahahahaha but Alhamdulilah all the things were settled =)

After the registration,we headed to my room =) Its CB8..And I have my first roommate :3 Da name is Azmeer hehe and he have the same course as me =))

After some cleaning(actually a lot =w=;;) the students were summoned to the hall for some things to be lectured 8DD Ahahahaha kena bebel!!

Hehe eventhough it takes time for me to know my roommate,but Alhamdulillah it went fine :3

The second day is kinda tiring because we need to gather at 5.30 a.m..And its SO HARD BECAUSE I AM TOO TIRED!!WOARRGGGHHHH!!!And also,we met an interesting senior who like to say something with adding 'shit' at the end of the sentence(kinda :3) Hehe ah!I met Afiq~sempai xDD And he's really handsome =w=;; That night we sang a really great song..For the first time I loved an official song 8DDDDDD Its an IPG song xDD

Ha3 the LDK(Latihan Dalam Kumpulan or in english is Group Work I think =w=) at the third day is amazing 8D We met the girls and our tutor!!Mr Zulkefli xD He looks like a sporting person..So I hope he is =w=;;; Now I know my classmate's names xDDD Hakim,Azmeer,Naim,Bahij,Azizi,Ada,Muja,Nurul,Alang,Khalida,Dya,Nadia,Amira,Qaiyah,Syanim,Ju,Mimi,Buvana,Ain and Liyana :3 Its hard for me to remember llllOTL

The forth day and the last day =) We were given the Surat Aku Janji and some other things that I don't remember..We had great field activities =D Eventhough kinda sad to leave da seniors(and some of them we just llloooovvvveeee to let go ahahahahaha) we were given some water balloon 'presents' by our seniors =w=;; Glad I din manage to got hit..But the flour that I accidentally eaten when picking da sweets using my mouth were really giving me a hard time and I nearly vomited :3

The fifth day...The last orientation day...Can't remember what happened in the morning but we made a fine..Wait,I mean GREAT closing ceremony 8DDD Hehe and that evening we went to KB for some jalan2 cari mkn xDD and shopping!Hehehehe I almost got lost in there lllOTL eventhough its just TESCO...Ahahahahha xDD funny friends make wonderful memories =D Don't believe it??Then you should try it xDD But please choose your friends wisely ok =) Ah,my bag also went missing in the bus...But eventually did manage to got it from one of my friends that were living in the CA2 room :3

Yaww,thats all for now =) I hope you all will enjoy your life =) Don't miss any chances that were given to you =)))

Peace Be Upon You All =DD

p/s:Have a good night!

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