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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Simple Charity

Peace Be Upon You All :D

Yaww xD

Lemme ask ya smething..

Have u smiled today?

Do u know that a smile is considered as a charity to others?

Charity doesn't mean that u have to donate money,clothes or any items..

Charity(to me) is to make others happy..

And one of them is by smiling :)

Hehe don't u think making other people smile is just great? =)

U can even have the benefits too :D

Err..U dunno bout it???

Hey,don't play with me..Seriously u dunno bout it????


Haish..Then surely u won't know..

They said that when u smile always,u cn live longer =)

I believe that,because when u smile,it means that u are happy ^w^

Even though u r not,then u will be happy by smiling to others :)

Trust me,but MAKE SURE that u do it sincerely :)

If u do,then some miracle will happen :)


We doesn't care how will the smile looks like..

Even though u have a teeth like these :


Who cares???? =w=;;

Heee it's not like u r going to be killed by sharing ur smile..


If u smile like this..

Even I will run away =w=;;

D**n it looks like Chucky...

Hehe I always smile to others :)

I love sharing it because I can make me myself and the others happy :D

Yes,I smiled like this :3

Hey2!!Don't think that I'm gonna eat ya!!

It was done sincerely to u all u know..

I smiled sincerely :3333

Ehehe :3

Hehe to clear up my words,sincerity + smiling is really good 4 u n ur surroundings :3

So smile always xDD

Hehe there's a picture of me sharing a smile to u all xDD

Care to join me? =)

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Haruzato said...

nice smile bro ^_^