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Friday, August 5, 2011

I Wanna Be Myself..

Peace Be Upon You All =)

Erm =)

Let us just focus on the main theme okay?I know that I always put 2 or more stories in one post =)


I wanna be myself..

Kinda weird for me to say that right..

But for some who really do knows me well,they know what I do really mean =)

I wanna be myself..All of us have their own personality,and some have their own characteristics that people can easily spot them..I wanna be like that too...

Just for me,I'm lost here..I dunno which one I wanna be...I always tell others to be what you are =) But unfortunately,I didn't manage to find one for myself..I can't find my own true personality..

One of my friends always said like this,"I felt like I'm a parasite when I'm with you guys"

And that really hits me hard because to think of it,even though I always spending time with my friends,I really do have a slight feeling of the 'parasite' thingy..Is it me or it's just my imagination?Only God knows..

Truthfully,I can't really find my own personality yet..I always mimic others...I tried to be like them..But hey,life is short,so its better to be yourself right?Yeah..Those words..A person that gives advise to others but don't really know anything about himself...Such a sadistic person...

I wanna find the 'me' inside of me...But it has been a long journey since I manage to search for it..And till now,I can't even find any of it...I just take some from the others and use it...Not one of it are mine...Hahaha..

Just now I read one of my friend's blog, and one of the latest post about the family really do wanna make me cry...I kept thinking to myself after reading one of the post,

"Hey,can I do something like her?"

Erm..To think about it,my ego are just too big to do like that...Such an idiot I am..I do really have the same feelings like her,I just dunno HOW to express it..

I really hope I can find my true self..Because,


Peace Be Upon You All =)

p/s: Nice knowing ya

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