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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Hehe love?What's the meaning of it? =) Now,shall we take on a survey to find one?Ehehehe

Attraction of different gender - Rojik

Keperluan,pengisian dalam hidup - Bahij

Love, is an invisible stuff, but ALL the mankind need it. =) - Wong Jing Hou

Cure n Care - Luke

Love,the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched,they must be felt with the

heart... - Azmeer

love will arise wen doin some kind of freaking assig.. - Buvana

its all about feeling that cannot be describe by words. - Khalida

love is when two people; man and woman meet and show their feeling each other. Or some of them fall to other and the feeling is build. The true love is forever not only in life but also afterlife >w< - Count you in points : 1. can't be created 2. is subjective which means has levels depend on how much your care about he/she 3. only gifted from God when we have strong relationship such as marriage or parents(not couple bcoz its jus a weak bond) 4. has the starting and ending *except God 5. we can't imagine the love,but we only can feel it in hearts :) thats all i could give. - Khalis

OK..LOVE IS SIMPLE BUT cmplicated - Ada

love is cinta sayang suka
cinta berlandaskn jln Allah adalah cinta yg sebenar. cinta yg dipraktikkn dgn sentuhan dan pandangan bukanlah cinta, ianya nafsu semata2... / klo dah sah, sentuhan segala tu untuk meningkatkn lg rasa cinta dan sayang antara suami isteri - Ayein

it's not an easy word to describe....==lllll - Ubie

NONE. - Akkumaru

out of blue? haha. love is when you could shed your tears over someone when you know you couldn't bare to lose her. *amacam? does it make sense?* hhahaha. jiwang bhai. =P - Izzatul Nazihah

pd aku cinta itu perasaan jiwa semulajadi ~ yg menjadi fitrah dlm sifat manusia.....wujud bila tertarik kpd yg dcintai dgn penuh emosi dan gembira kerana itu =) - Azuan Syah Tahir

everyone needs love. sometimes,love can be shown in the most annoying things and actions. but,trust me,love comes from a sincere heart - Yana

love is food.. :) i love food so much.. ^^ food is much nicer that gf.. haha - Jiji

love is so subjective. its about the feeling of like to the person you never knew before. its about the bond that you have with your family member. its about appreciating your friends. love is actually the feeling of accepting sth or sb in you life. because to accept and to have them, is to love them. well, my opinion though. i dont know about others. hee, long comment. sorry empunya wall xD - Ferrero Rocher

umm.. idk actly~ lol.. neva tot about it.. i just go with da flow bt i think love is being stupid together i guess? i mean wouldnt it be more better if you were with someone ur comfortable with instead of getting embarrassed and controlling ur manners n stuff in front of them?? - Aira

hmm...a thing that contains all feeling: care,hate,angry,depression n etc is love!! - Ghajendra

ianya dekat dihati, tenang apabila mengingati, indah apabila bersama. tangis terasa indah, senyum bagaikan pelangi, hidup terasa terpandu.. ^___^ - Abu Huzaifah

erm, love is a feeling u can't force, u can't predict and sometimes love can make you go loco... ahhaaa,,, - Ada Vwiyah

For me, love is VERY painful.... That's all... lolz... - Saz~chan

love ain`t pure sometimes, and it kills people thou...making love to be more majestic, gotta show how cool u can be in ur relationship..that is what I comprehend bout LOVE..haha - Buku Ghadaffi

‎--3--) sumthing foolish~ full of lies~ and will crush u if it is not true~ - Phryseth

bg ak,love kalo men2..x yah la..bek sriyus tros..bwak smpai kalo bdk2 lg nk ber'love',mmg buang mse x bwak ke mne pon..unless mmg kte b'cnte ngn jodoh kte,a.k.a hubby..jgn smpai ilang sume bnd mse b'cnte baru nk nyesal..bia la cnte tu suci xde pe yg kotor..n,kalo bole,cari la dlu cnte kpd Allah..sbb ak pon tgh cari cnte tu yg kkal smpai ble2 n kte x kn skt ati..dats all ! - Syaima

a romantic feeling towards and trust towards someone... - Evie

‎ ak bnda ni adalah satu perasaan.yg mana 2 org saling memberi dan tafsiran ak ja.hehe - Ju

got feel lorr~~~ - Nini

LOVE,invisible yet blossom,deep and powerful.can make us smile. simple word to describe love, its amazingly overflowing through our vein and attack our heart..dush,explosion of is not smtng to play with. it smtng to take it seriously.. - Hasif

trust.. - Fakhrul

hrmmm,for me,a feeling where it make myself feel secure and happy when I am with that particular someone~it also a feeling that allow yourself to go beyond boundaries,just to protect that person you have this feeling with - Sempai

love is stupid,dont make love if your not ready to be that!hohoho.. - Alang

love ek...1 perasaan ikhlas yg dtg secara tetibe oleh setiap org...juga 1 perasaan sayang x kira kpd sesiapa..juga kepada tuhan....huhuhu..2 pd mksod ak ah...hehehe.. - Bob

love is when u have to let it go...if its really meant for u then it will come back searching for u without doubt...its true...actually... Love is also about their present. it will be there when u need it and it will go when u dint want it...but most of the time love will always be with you...which is the love of Allah... - Qaiyah

erm,,bagi feza,,cinta tu bererti pengorbanan. =) - Syafeza

something that we have to give in and give back
muncul xnpa kita sedar
sgt2 memberi kesan pada kita
especially 1st love
effect till the last breath
for those yg x tahu mcm mane nk ilangkn - Syanim

Enough for the surveys =D Now it's my turn to give my definition bout love...

Love?A feeling that is hard to be describe...A feeling that can bring us both happy n despair =) Guard it carefully if u got it because it is a rare item that is valuable =D Don't do something stupid because of love like committing suicide..Seriously.. :3

p/s : each one of us have their own definition bout love =) each people,different say xDDD tq 4 those who helped me in the survey =D tankies 4 lending ur time xDD

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