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Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan xDDD

Peace Be Upon You All!!

Yawww xD Whoot whooot!!

Hehehehe now the month of the year that we had been waiting for have arrived xDD

And itsssssssssss!!!!!


Hehehe even though I didn't manage to wake up eating my sahur,but at least I can endure the hungriness that is wild inside of me xDD

Fufufufufu for the first day,many things we will be experienced xDD

For some they have to cook for themselves xDD

And for others maybe its their first time breaking their fast away from their family =)

Don't worry,we will see our family back insyaAllah =D

So keep a smiling face xDDD


Now the drama really are making my head spinning...

Its my first time handling this kind of things..


Xp2..With da help of Senior Amir n da gang..


Sofea and the Main Committee =)

InsyaAllah we will proceed =D


(|-/>////[]////<)9 YUSHHHHH!!!!!

Alright =D That's all for now xDD

Take care okay =D

Jaa neee >w<)//

Peace Be Upon You All xDDD

p/s: Eating together is much more lovelier than eating alone :3 Agree?

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