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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Highlight : Naim's House 8D

Peace Be Upon You All =)



Its really been a hard week =)

Some are good,and some are bad =D

Just recently,we had our SIM performance..

And I dunno what else to say hehehe..

I thought that we can make something BOMBASTIC but we must start our steps one by one right =)

We cant suddenly run with only less experience in walking..

We'll fall easily =)

So the lesson is,dun put too much expectations on something =)

U'll fall hard ahahahahahha xDDD

Alright,4get about da SIM..


Last Thursday,me,Azmeer,Luke and Bahij went to Naim's house 8D


It's located at Kuala Krai hehehe

Its about an hour journey by car =P

And the car of course belongs to Azmeer muahahahhaha *evil laugh + thunder background*

Hehe mama was worried when I told her I'm going to Naim's house..

Hehe maybe because I never stayed at my friend's house before..

When we arrived at Naim's house,we welcome with a to say it...a warm welcome?

err...i must improve my english llllOTL

Hehehe and his little sister ish jush too cewttt >/////[]/////<)~///

Me wanna hug herr!!!!

But she wont let mehhh Q///[]///Q

We called her Iman xDD

She's energetic :3 Me loike!!!

That night there were a football match between Malaysia and Singapura..

I dun really like football..


No harm done if I watch it right :3


Stupid players....

Suddenly look injured padahal xdak ap2 pun!!!


The day after that,we perform our Friday solah at the nearby mosque..

Then suddenly a plan 'pop' out :3

A plan that will make my mama shocked xDDD

We are going to the Lata!!!

I was like...Pergh!!Seriously???

Woahh!!I'm just too happy dat time!!

Glad I did bring my camera along xDDDD

Hehe fuhh..

The road that we'd taken there...

So lobang2 n simpang siur...

I nearly vomited lllllOTL

But I manage to hold it...

Hehe when we arrived there,I quickly changed my clothes xDD

Damn I look like a little kid that is so eager to play at the playground..

Ahahahha we took our bath n spend some time there...



We got a new discovery 8DDD

About one of us!!!!

And something about the thing that we did!!!


I dun wanna tell ya'll anything xDD

Its a secret!!!MUAHAHHAHAHA!!

Hehe let's skip da story...

We went back to maktab near 11..

Glad the gate isn't closed yet...



Wait2...Not today..But yesterday...Yes...


We got our first meeting for both Houses..

But some were cancelled n some din come =w=*

Dun care..Today will gather them all...


Ah,we're actually is sweating blood(literally) finishing our assignments..

Glad sempai helped us :3

Fuu...If not...



Madam R will kill us...


All of us will be in the mortuary right now...

Hehe that's all for this post =D

Wanna finish my report for the Log Book..

Mr Zul wanna see it tomorrow xDDD

Jaa neeee >w<)//

Peace Be Upon You All =D

p/s: Hey,now I got someone who fuck me meh!

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