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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dum Dum Dum..Second Orientation?

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yaww :3

Fuu..At last..I can update this blog now..

Fuu =w=;;


During Thursday(12/6),we were told to come to a program with PIM..


And its compulsory...

And we have to pay RM15...


For the first day its kinda damn boring because almost all of us dun have any mood to attend this program..

Fuh...Kinda mad at that time because I have so much assignments n presentations...

And I dun have any clothes left to wear..

Hey,I am busy okay,dun hav time :3

Hehe at the first night,Bro Kucai conducted us for the LDK...

From month we were born,until the size of shoes we wear =w=;;

But everything that he told us to do have its own meaning :3

For this session,it means that we must follow the orders..

Hey,eventhough the orders are kinda simple,majority of us cant follow it..


Yes it is true...

If we cant follow this simple commands,how can we obey those hard n HARD orders???

Haaa =D

After a quick glance at the tentative..Some of the activities attracts my eyes :3

Wanna know what?

We have to wake up early in the morning at 4 =w=;;


The day after that,I woke up at 5 n we were supposed to GATHER in front of the surau..

Apa lagi,kelam kabut ahh...Dengan mandi pun x...Redah jaaaa 8D

Ahahahaha after that,we exercised..

And this one is great :3

We have to make our own vehicle with weapons :3

Using our own body!

Hehe we made our crazy tank that can shoot 360 degrees :3 fufufuf u cnt run!

I cant remember what activities we have next at that time...

Then I'll just skip to da night :3

The lecturer gave us a motivational talk..


And I just found out that our batch got twins 8D

Hehe then this morning :3

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

We have to go to PCB for some beach cleaning xDD

So we dun have to spend our time in the PIM's program :3


Luke n Naim's not coming..So only me,Azmeer,Bahij n Jiji ish guin :3

We arrived at the beach near 7.45 and  told to register..

Met some of our TESL seniors xDD

I was hoping to see Kak Fatin...Huk uhk,I cant remember her face lllOTL

Then we were given some plastic bags,a wheelbarrow,a stick with a nail for picking some of the trashes that were located between the gap of the rocks...

Hehehe we started normally...

Picking trashes...



Hehehe many pictures were taken 8DD

Me loike!!!

Hehe but pity to Yana n Amirah because they cant come because of their health reasons =)

Its kinda scared to see my girls classmates when they walk on those BIG BIG BIG rocks there =w=;;

I'm afraid that they will fall...



Da macam bapak orang daaaaa...

Hehehehehe at 10.30 we got back to maktab n rest 4 a while :3

I miss FB xDD

Ahahahaha that's all for now =D

Jaa nee!!!

Peace Be Upon You All =D

p/s:I got a new song for my gf 8D The theme son for the PIM program xDD Tankies Abg Syed :3

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