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Friday, July 8, 2011

Vroom Muahahahahaha

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yawww :3

Hehe at last..

I drove a car from a city 8DD

Okay..I know its not a big deal but..

Seriously,my friends have trust in me until they let me drive from KB to Pengkalan Chepa beb 8DD

And the traffic is damn hard to fight with(for me :3)

Hehehe eventhough the car's engine died almost 3 times at the traffic lights,they dun really mad at me :3


They give me more encouragement in driving 8D

Glad got the GPS =D

If not..

Then surely I'll get lost =w=;; 

Even in the small library also I got lost once lllOTL

Muahahahha :3

So thanks to them :3

Now I have some confidence in driving =D


Ah,and a really BIG tankies to my friends especially Azmeer because it's his car 8D

Fuu...Enthusiasm is still in me and my adrenaline wont slow down =w=;;;

That's all yaww =D

Peace Be Upon You =D

p/s:Still mad because of the stupid service at the medan selera..Grrr

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