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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simple Life..Extreme Meaning :3

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Yawww =D

Hehe its been a while since I updated this blog :3


Hehe nothing much happen recently..

(But y u put da title like u r going to post smething soooooooo great??)

Hehe I dunno :3


We already started the rehearsal for the Song In Motion that insyaAllah will be performed on this 28th =)

And I'm da hero 8D

A lame one lllOTL


I cant watch women eyes for a period of time..

They are just too beautiful =)

Hey,I'm complimenting ok!Give yourself a clap =D


Also,many +ve improvements lately =)

One of my classmates that look like dun wanna talk to me at first is starting to talk =D Even a simple conversation is okay right =D

Hehe I also now have a new little sister :3


Wanna know her name?

Secret :3

Dun wanna tell ya xDDD


Tonight we have a dorm meeting at 8..

I dun wanna go /Q[]Q/

But I MUST...





Just now we played with tents..

We were supposed o set up the tent :3

But we are more talented in opening it rather than setting it up :3

Ah!InsyaAllah for next week we will have a nice tea party with the TESL seniors :3

The te party is for us juniors to get to know our seniors =D

I wanna meet Kak Fatin xDDD

And also sempai :3

Fufufuf me already know 2 nyuu :3 Now me ish happeh!!!

Ha3 some of the seniors in FB also helped me correcting my grammar when I write there :3

Eventhough I dunno what is grammar..

How I got an A in english??? OAO;;

Hehe =D Alhamdulillah I got in the maktab...

So many people I met and found...

And they are lovely =D

Hehe that's all for now folks =D

Jaa neee >w<)//

Peace Be Upon You All :3

p/s:My gf is with my lil sis :3 hehehe

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