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Friday, July 8, 2011

Actor + Student 8D

Peace Be Upon You All =D

Greetings (/-[]-)/

Give way!Make way!!The actor is passing by!!

Kidding :3

Hehehe actually,our TESL group need to perform a musical drama =D

And the due date maybe on the 21st r 28th of July =D

So we all need to spill blood for this because besides busying ourselves on the drama,we also need to do some presentation for the subjects...

And (almost) all are going to be submitted next week!!


Glad its a presentation...

So I wont get a headache(actually,already) for doing it :3

I miss Toastmaster =D

Alhamdulillah I joined them once =)

So now my nervousness when talking in front ish slowly vanishing 8DDDDDD


Hehehehehehe :3

That's all xDDD


And special thnx to Ain n Ada because lepak2 with us at the cafe just now :3

Kesian muka suma da ngntok :3

Hehe ntez all xDD

Sweet dreams :3

Peace B Upon You All =D

p/s:Have a nice sleep :3

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