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Monday, November 28, 2011

Acceptance :)

Eehehe this is a common prob with women :)
When they're wearing hijab,their friends start mocking them with bad words..
Hehehe it is okay for u to be beautiful :)
But not TOO attractive till opposite sex becomes full of lust just by looking at u..
Just be a modest person :)
Even though u r not accepted by ur friends,Allah will accept u insyaAllah :D
Be yourself..
You don't have to disguise or change urself into somebody else just to fit in :)

Hehe just be urself :D
The only acceptance needed is only by Allah :)
Then ur life will be perfect insyaAllah :D
Have a nice day :DD


yang arif said...

u know what.
it is not easy to change
and it is not easy to istiqamah.
pray for those who want to change

~hijrah dari buruk ke baik..

ARIEFF said...

yeah :D no one cn suddenly hv drastic changes xDD but they must try to change to a better person :DDD

PUCCAnis said...

super challenging..but yeah...what life without what roses without torns..

ARIEFF said...

dat's a new quote xDD i love it!