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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Suitable Reward :)

A storm just arrived..

Almost all of the clothes were wet again..
Not to mention to those who were walking at the street enjoying the view..
And those who were playing football at the field..
Majority of the programs had to be cancelled because of the rain :(

Curses were heard..
Foul words were being used..

Frustration can be seen on the face..
err..wrong picture..
But shortly after the storm passed..
Did you notice?
How beautiful the day is?
Especially in the night :)
You can see a full moon :D
Subhanallah :)

Think About It..

Relate it with your life :)
Having a storm(problem) suddenly :(
Have the guts to survive the terror D:
Trying the best to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

And after a while..
You feel relieved..
You feel glad..
You feel..
You even got your reward for passing the 'test' that were given :D
By whom the test were given?
By HIM :)
I know you know who is HIM :)
God :D
He is testing you..
Whether you are strong enough..
Whether you have faith in Him..
And you passed..
Also,each successful moment should be given a present :)
And you will be given the PERFECT PRESENT for all of your hard work :)
Surely,it is a surprise :D
It will be given in a way that you don't even can imagine :D
You'll be much stronger in facing other tests..
You'll be successful in life..
And many more :D


Don't be sad in facing something difficult :)
Because He won't give you something that you can't handle..
Don't worry..
Face the storm like a hero / heroin :)
And you can see the bright new moon after that :D

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