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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Same But Different?

"Both of you are wearing earphones..But listening to different music" -Mama

Hehe that was what she said when she saw me and my 2nd brother wearing earphones on my last day recently :)
Yes,we were wearing earphones..
But none of the listening content is the same!!
It makes me wonder..
Eventhough both of us were doing the same thing,but it is actually quite different :)
Isn't it shows dat each one of us have our own taste on something?
Different people,different styles :D
It makes the world beautiful u know xD

Hehe personalities are also different xDD
Can't accept others personality?
We actually colors the world :)
Just accept others difference :D
Even twins have their own ways to be differentiate :)
Just go with the flow :D
Dun mock others ok?
Also,share with others :D
Love is shown when u share something :)
Hehe like they always said,sharing is caring :D

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