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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music For The Soul :)

Hehe :)
"There's always a song that fits your feeling"
I won't argue with that..
That's y I always have my earphones tucked in my ears..
Eventhough some sees it as an annoying thing when they're talking to me..
I'm healing my storm-like feelings that is running crazy in me :)
So I dun really care what others think when I'm wearing one :D
Because it is the real me xD
The craziness with u guys..
The spontaneous in doing something..
Truly it is my true self :D

 Excuse me..
I'm just being myself :D


yaya salvatore said...

heyy, earphones tucked in ur ears ??
that's cool mann !
people simply think it was annoying bcause they dun av the guts to do so. *winkwink*

ARIEFF said...

really?? 8D ahahha tankies!