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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

*[]*)99 Yoshhh!!!Mission:Interview Status:Complete!

Mission : The Interview

Status Update : Completed

Hey =D Nice to meet you guys again..How are you ^w^)// Feeling well?If not,please go to the clinic for a medical checkup =) You don't want to become more sick right?

Alright,back to the main point..

I just got back from the English interview in Kampus Bahasa Antrabangsa and Alhamdulillah,I manage to calm myself(<--yeah right =w=;;)

Ha3 the day before is truly a scary one =w= i can't even think properly..Urr and for the first time,I watched the news until finished(i dun usually watch it =w=)

(No More Boring Part,I'm Starting To Get Bored =w=llll sorry)

Alright,skip to the main story..

I arrived at the campus near 7.30..And there's already people waiting there..I don't wanna eat anything because I'm losing my appetite(DUH)..

Kinda surprised though because the students that were waiting there ALMOST all from Perak..(<---nothing interesting)

After the interviewers called us,we all went inside with BUTTERFLIES IN OUR STOMACH..But luckily,I didn't vomit because of feeling too nervous..

I got group A so my group will take the FIRST room that is the farthest of all rooms and near to the toilet(<--IF anything could go wrong)

Then suddenly the interviewers called us in..

We were given an INSAK test to show if we are really suitable for being a teacher..135 questions for 30 minutes...All of us manage to finish it in time..Alhamdulillah

The group discussion is next..We all gather in a circle and were given a topic..

"Who is you favorite teacher and why"

Hey,kinda easy right?

Ha3 from that group interview,all of us were like doing an ICE BREAKING session..Eventhough we don't know each other(YET) but we did it like we all have know each other for a long time..No awkward moment there hehe..

Some take english teacher,chemistry,mathematic and even ICT..


The interviewers asked..

"Why don't you all take any PE(pendidikan jasmani) teacher as favorite teacher?You don't like them?"

Okay,this is a tough one..

Thanks to one of my friends,she answered it by telling them : 

"Yes,we like all the teachers,but we were asked the MOST favorite ones,so,we tell you about th favorite ones"

All of us like,


If not,surely we will be quiet until the end of the session =w=;;

The last but not least,the INDIVIDUAL INTERVIEW session..

Ha3 you can see our faces turns pale..But in the mean time,we get to know each other =D We share some stories and everything..

Hehe I just LOOVVVEEEE them..

Hehe glad I am number 2..The first person kinda give some tips...But..Hopeless =w= I just figured we all were given different questions in there..

My turn was up..I got in..Sit in front of them..

"Please tell about yourself.."

I told them all about myself..They know I always got transferred..So they asked..

"Which place do you like the most?"

I really love Penang so much because its my birthplace..There are so many 'first times' there..I first rode my bicycle,hang out with friends,and many more..

"Do you willing to teach pendalaman?"


"How would you do it?"

I can use my drawings to describe something..For example a boy,a girl,ball and many more..

"What else do you apply beside being a teacher?"

I also applied multimedia courses..

"If you got the multimedia,which one will you choose?"

I will choose being a teacher..

"Do you love teaching and why?"

Ah,yeah!!I love teaching others..My teachers and my mom's family is a teacher so they motivated me in these things..(ayat goreng)

"I see that you are not active in co-curricular activities..Do you even active in them?"

Yes,in silat gayung and softball..

"Give me the number of the players in the field"


"Tell me all of them"

Catcher,pitcher,first base,second base,third base,right,left and middle field..

"The one that plays close?"

Ah,the short stopper!

"There are only 9,why you said its 10?"


"Do you think that sports can discipline others?Why?"

Yes,because they need to be discipline to play the game..You can't wear tracks when you are playing football..In Islam,you have to cover your aurat,so you can wear tights inside..In softball,you must be discipline..The pitcher must read all the signals that were given by the catcher..You cant easily throw the ball anyway you want to..

After that,they ask me if I got any questions to ask them..

I asked..

"When can we see the results?"

Before matrikulasi and other U calls you..In May..

"You are teachers,right?I mean the school teachers?"

Yes we are..

" you manage to control your anger when kids are making noises at the back?"

Easy,plan your lessons to make it more interesting..

Alright..That's all..I forgotten some of the questions and cuts the answer so that you will understand it..Alhamdulillah they don't asked me anything about the menteri..If not..Urrr...

=D I like it because I felt that I did my best =) So now,gonna pray hard so that I will get this chance in becoming a teacher..Yeah!!AMIN!

p/s:Have a nice day =D

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