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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life..Similar To Art?

Recently I posted something about art on my wall post(<--- in FB of course)..And it makes me realize something..LIFE is quite similar to ARTS.. (>w<)

In ARTS,we make some SKETCHES..Then we go through the INKING process...We don't really follow all the lines in the SKETCHES..Also,even though the SKETCHES are GOOD,but its not like the INKING will be as GOOD as the SKETCHES itself right? ('w' ~)


As in LIFE,we SKETCH our FUTURE..We have our own ambitions..Our own beautiful FUTURE...But..When we are 'INKING' our FUTURE,it might not be as well as we think it is..The FUTURE that were inked may not be as well as the SKETCHES itself..


If we try hard enough,we do our BEST,then the FUTURE may be created as well as the SKETCHES that you had made...Don't give up trying what you think is the best for you...If you fail,stand up again and again..Then,you will succeed in life =) Remember,everything that happened have their own purpose..So,you must be strong to face it..Face it with a smile on your face (/>//w//<)/

Have a nice day everyone (~OwO)~

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