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Friday, April 8, 2011


"revealing my true self through mediums =D" - A.R.I.E.F.F

"sometimes arts to me are just a way to spent your time ... but when i draw , i feel like drawing my feelings in my artworks .. so yeah , maybe to me .. drawing is another way to express your emotions .... perhaps another life to me .." - Amira Hanani

"hahahahahahahahaha i only know its has an emotional and breath taking...^^" - Ubie Kentang

" sumthink abstract, sumthink u must feel~~ =w=)lllllv to express myself~" - Phryseth Monkeyblue

"Arts mean everything.. every textures, gestures, all universe, in the other words everything can be arts~! Arts is what you can imagine, draw, feel, share and think of. It's universal. Arts teaches us and arts tells us about things around us" - Siti Azzah

"express yar yar imagination...yg terlampo overload! release yar tention.....and many more..." - Adibah Balqis

"kepuasan =)" - Azuan Syah Tahir

"Arts maksud pd ak kesenian...tak kira pd merangkumi kpd budaya & warisan sesuatu bangsa tersebut..." - Lukmalnul Hakim


yeah! i'm rocker! ahha.. thts wht i mean by arts (:" - Amirah Syahida

" for me, thats the expression from the artist. i drew what i like & feel it. ...... thats all. im blur now. =A=)" - Rin Kin

"ARTS, are my life. I put feelings in it. :p" - Ana Nur Fatihah

"definitely paradise~" - Ili Atiqah

"Ari2 Rasa Tidak Sempurna- ARTS" - Hazam Nazri

"arts is a special talent gain by someone which make others happy.." - Ghajendra Ghajen

"arts...they are a part of my life. o.o" - Michelle Ming

"seni itu mengasyikkan" - Bophairy Baharum

"Art is a stubborn thing, just like business" - Toby Thong

"arts ish everthing ^_^" - Takie~nee~chan

"arts is life =) sume yg ade dlm hidup ni ade kaitan dgn art" - Haru~nii~san

"cara org luah kan prasaan ataupun imaginasi tanpa batasan..." - Yazmin Yusuf

See =) all of us have their own definition about "ARTS"...Not even one definition is exactly the same as others =) With different people,the world is much better to be lived in,right? ^_^ Don't easily mocks other people because we too have our own specialty n weaknesses (>w<)/ Treat their weaknesses as something special to you..Do your best to help them overcome their weaknesses rather than condemning them..And don't forget to overcome yours too ^[]^// Good Day! >w<)77

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