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Friday, April 29, 2011

Empty,Half Or Full?

Peace Be Upon You Guys =D

Hello there >w<)// Nice to see ya again =D How's your day today?Happy?Good..Sad?Chill =) There's always something for you today =D


Important or not?

Of course it is important...Seriously,when it comes to emotions,DON'T try to play with it...You'll get some "SURPRISE" waiting for you and trust me,it wont be THAT beautiful..Ha3 OwO

Some said that EMOTION is a nuisance..You will suffer if you have them..

Really?Is it that dangerous to have EMOTIONS?I don't really think so =)

Emotions..Empty,Half Or Full?

When its about yourself,its you who knows better right =) Then,which side are you on? ^w^


You don't have any emotions..


You don't get mad or disappointed at anything?

You must be a puppet =D Hey,I admire you though..You don't feel anything..(PFFT)

Tell me..

When you were born..When you see your mother's and father's face when you still a child..What do you feel?A wonderful thing to be felt right =D


Why you must kill those emotions?Why can't you just keep it?You want to know what?Those things cannot be replaced..For time cannot be turned back..Once you felt it,keep it..Make it as a memory..Then why you must remove it from your life?Thank God you have the feelings + memories..If you don't,then how can your life be more beautiful??

Change yourself..Smile always..


Full of emotions?Wow =D Surely you are a hyperactive person when it comes to emotions..Easily become mad or sad?Ha3 I'm sure of it..

But..You can easily be hurt by someone..Don't be TOO happy,because you just might become MORE sad than ever..

Control yourself..

Don't easily fall in love(<-----This is the crucial part)..Choose properly the person that you want to fall in love to..Because if you don't choose it properly,than something BAD might happen to you..

Don't easily let yourself be controlled with your sadness and even anger because worse things will come after that..

Example?When you are too sad or too mad,then you can't really maintain your rational side right?You will do stupid things like making a suicide or killing other people(OUCH!)


Hey,this is better..You are not too EMPTY and not too FULL of emotions...You can easily maintain and control your emotions according to the situation and become easily adapted to it..

I don't know what else to say about this one >//w//<)~

In ISLAM,it is said that you must be moderate in something,not too high and not too low either..

Its simple,its better if you become moderate..Because bad things will come if you become too FULL and even too EMPTY..

For an example,when you get high marks in the exams,you are just too happy..Surely you will brag about it right?And you maybe even pick on your friends that get lower marks than yours..Is it really a good thing?

Second,if you get too low with yourself..You really are lacking some(well,not really some,but many) confidence,you surely will become too timid and easily being pick by your friends..

Then,isn't its better if you become moderate in something right..?

Choose the best for yourself  :3

p/s:Have a nice day guys ( OwO)//

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