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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Killing My Time..Smile (|-~>w<)~

Urr..I'm letting myself to be more and more busier than usual..I'm exhausted..

Why I post this thing?

I dunno =w=lll I just felt wanna share something..(<----actually distracting myself from doing those works) Hehe..

Ok2..I want to talk something about "SMILE"

Some of us are just TOO serious to smile..But,seriously?Even they are human,so why can't we just share our smile together =) The world will be much more beautiful if SMILEs are EVERYWHERE!

Hey,you don't agree?Why?Isn't it a great thing we smile to each other rather than show our "SERIOUS" and "MOODY" face that will really make others wanna SLAP your face =w= Am I right?Yeah,I hit the bull's eye right =w=;;

Ha3 okay3 =D Seriously,some of us really need to smile..Don't show that unfriendly face to others..They'll surely run away from you..Also,is it hard to carve a smile on your face?You don't really need much energy to do it..So,why hide it?

Yeah,some of us will think like this

"WTH is that person smiling to me?Wanna flirt??"

Urr,its ok to think like this..But..If the one that say that is a boy?And the one that is smiling is a uncle???U WANNA HIM TO FLIRT AH??Aii..You can just easily smile back at him..If you want to make additional marks,you can even GREET him like "Hello uncle" or "Have a nice day pakcik"..

See..Its not hard for you to be friendly..But..Don't be TOO friendly with strangers..You might HIT SOMETHING UNUSUAL (=w=llll) Trust me..I'm one of them..

p/s:Have a nice day guys =D Have you all smiled today?

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