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Friday, April 8, 2011

Anger Management?

Last meeting of Toastmaster really were happening XD Kinda enjoyed it..Because everyone's wearing a hat =w= Its so funny to see us like that ^_^ Its ok really..I almost made up my mind to wear my motorcycle helmet back then =w=;; Its kinda good to think like that because at least no one could see me nervous ^w^lll Ok2,its not about the meeting that I want to make a story here,but the topic that were given to me..

Sin Yee gave a really good topic.."How I control my anger"..Its easy..But I screw it up =w=lll I really cant think a thing because of wearing the hat(excuses xD) So I mumbled in front like a mad person...To make it up,here's my real anger management..

When I get mad because of something or SOMEONE(<---- r u telling something?? OAOlll),I usually do these things :

  • Take a deep breath..To me its crucial because its makes my DUP-DAP-DUP-DAP heartbeat calms down :3 If I let it beats like a techno song,sure I'll become crazily mad(<---seriously,right sentence?? =w=lll)
  • Calm down your mind..After the DUP-DAP-DUP-DAP slows down,I can now ease my mind thinking..Thinking of what?Not for revenge DUHHH but its for the future..Huh?I really don't understand this part =w=lll To make it sounds easy,anger can make you go crazy over something..So,if you calm you mind,you can think everything rationally..Fuh..An easy conclusion for this part '''orz
  • Don't take those bad words as something serious..Its not like you can take all of it,but some..Just think that the person that say bad words to you is a crazy person and he/she is mumbling something crazy that time..Just do a troll face(deviantart people will surely know this one) and say,"Finish already??"
  • Be careful of what you are talking back to the person..When you are angry enough,surely you will lose your temper and start saying things that you will regret afterwards right?CHILL DOWN!Think of good words if you want to fight with them(not physically fight,just talking ok?)..Say something that will make them quiet after that =D You want to know?Find it yourself xD
  • Think something else to make you happy..If you are mad,99.99% you'll be all gloomy that day..If you do that,surely you will lost the 'present' of the day..So,try distracting your mind with something else other than the problems that you were facing..Try doing something that you love to do such as drawing,singing(<--if your voice is good,then continue..if not,pity to others >w<//)..That will make you smile again..
  • Share it with people you have trust in them..Share you problems with the people you trust..Rather than you keep it all alone and going crazy about it,share it so that you will at least calm down..
Hehe this is all my steps to control my anger..I don't know if it works on you guys,but,no harm done if you try it,right? (~'w')~ Also,all of us have their own ways to calm their nerves down..But my advise..Think carefully before you act so that you won't regret it later.. (O//w//O)//

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