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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Green Mug

Huehehehehe xD Today's great!<----(for some reason!) xD Hehe I got a little green mug with a smiling face on it (>///A///<) Thank you soo muchyyy to sis mon a.k.a onee~chun ~(OwO)~ Fuuu I'm gonna take care of it!Yeah!! (*[]*)// Fuu (QwO) I love this mug..Owh man..Terharu gila nih ha3! =D

Btw,today is the last day for one of my friends to spend some time with us =) Sin Yee!She's going for NS soon (OwO)/ Don't forget to take care of yourself ok sis?Hehe =) I really wanna make a goodbye present for her..At least I wanna draw something for her =) But..Uhh I dunno if I can really finished it so soon because I want to colour it as well =) But..Hehe i don't really mind..Yeahh!Time to work!

Surprised??Hehe now I'm playing with some DIGITAL colours =) But TRADITIONAL art still is my favourite =) And also,I must make sketches first before I can draw it properly in my lappy =w=lll fuu so I can kill 2 birds with one stone =D Practicing DIGITAL while improving TRADITIONAL =) Hehe

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