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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Interview,Playing With Words

Peace Be To You All =D

The Interview..

Hurrr..The interview is already around the corner..And..I'm seriously shivering.. Q[]Q So many things needed to be done,remembered and etc..I..I..I' going crazy llllOTL

I don't even know what to say anymore..I just hope I'll pass the interview so that I can become a teacher..Hey,no harm done right =)

Hehehe playing with words?

Don't understand the title?Hehe to me playing with words is that you are making situations when writing(<--not a bad one of course)..

Recently(<-- actually yesterday hehe),I played this with my fellow friends in Fb..Kinda lovely 8DD All kind of scenes you can do my just typing such as throwing a grenade,running and much more..You want a example?Wait..

Akku-san:Hold Your Ground
Shuu~san:Check Weapons And Armor
Me:All Complete Sir! *[]*)77

And the things just get continued with each others creativity to create the scene(Sorry 4 da TOO simple example =w=lll)..Must try it =) Kinda great if you can test your creativity through typing words =DD

That's all fellows =D

p/s:Have a nice day =D


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