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Monday, April 18, 2011

Go,Or Not To Go..

Just recently,I gave a visit to my second bro and his U..Yeah,I go,got problem?Hey,evethough I'm a hermit,it doesn't mean that i just stick my butt in my room =w=lll Hehe..

Ok2,back to the real story..

We arrived there nearly 3 o'clock coz stopped at Nasik Kandar Restaurant  (<---I spelled  right? ( 'w' )?) at Bidor..Uhh I have no comment about the restaurant..I'm crazy about nasi kandar,AND IF I'M IN PENANG OR AT BALING,KEDAH,I'LL GO NUTS WITH DA NASIK KANDAR..But,at that restaurant,urr..The food..Urr is kureng..Hehehe :3 Komen jer pandai kau ni..Hehe we even bought some food for my bro..Some fish head curry(kari kepala ikan xD) and some chicky xDDD

We arrived there almost 4..And,we still don't perform our Zuhur prayer..Alhamdulillah at the U got a mosque(daa..) and as always,I'm really relaxed when I set my foot there..Yeah..I just love to see it..After I finished performing my Zuhur prayer,we immediately go and fetch my bro..But..He's already at the pond(that is near the mosque =w=)

After a little chatting,my father suddenly wanted a DSLR camera..And he nearly wanted to bought it after the visit..Yeah,you see it right,AFTER THE VISIT!Ha3 he always like that..Ok2..

After a while,a normal conservation turned into a ghost story.. =w=lll I still don't get it..How it became a ghost story..My bro told us about this roommate that were "tindih" by something and my bro saw the ghostly figure..(I'M ALONE IN THE ROOM AND YET,I'M GIVING THE SYNOPSIS ABOUT THE STORY,WTH) And the story continues with more bone chilling experience and this one happened at my home(The Depot)..Urr..Now I have goosebumps...

I still want to share it xDD

Ok3..Once there was a prisoner died in there..

After the death..

Okay,I don't want to continue...

Skip the ghost story.I don't want to tell it here..

After the small chatting,we all go to the mosque again to perform our Asar prayer..After I finished my prayer,I sat in the mosque for a while and I saw some of them perform the solat as..a..urr I dunno how to say it in English,but it's in "berjemaah"..Ha,simple,in group with one Imam =) I felt so relaxed to them..I dunno why..I just love it..All races in one community..Isn't it beautiful...

We fed the fishes near the mosque..Its HUGE I tell ya 8DD I want to make it as ac curry 8DDD muahahaha!!

Wait,fed the fishes?Didn't I did it BEFORE going to met with my bro? =w=llll Ok,now I'm confused..

Forget that..

My bro knows that I'm going to an interview as being a teacher (<----urr) I don't really like being a teacher because I'm an-easily-blur-type of person =w= My second bro give some advice and some motivational speech(<--?) And now,I'm kinda pumped for the interview..KINDA!

Yeah..Just sometimes things we like doesn't really approach us..And maybe some of it doesn't really good for you(<-- I dunno how to explain it,sorry lllOTL)

Don't persuade something that just won't be there for you by putting aside all things that is IN FRONT of you all because,if you let go of it,maybe it won't be there for the second time..

p/s:Hev a happy day guys =)

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