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Thursday, January 12, 2012


I cnt..
I cnt do it..
I'm killing myself with this stupid thing..
I lose my smile because of it..
I even lost my respect towards u..
I wan to end this..
So that my nut wont loose..
And my day will be much more brighter..
Not to mention this time a big wave will come..
Even though it's just a drill..
But it really means a lot to me..
I cnt remember anything..
What I love..
What I like..
And what I hate..
All of this is starting to rot inside me..
This hatred..
Even Lil Franky will die because of it..
Not to mention about his sanity of course..
He is insane..
But things like this..
He cnt even handle a bit..
I hate it..
I'm a living dead nw..
Never thought of anything that is more worse than this..
Levelling up?
It's already my limit..
I quit..

This is not a poem

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